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Auto-Responders: Your Key to On-Line Success

Aug 17, 2007
Initiating a business online can be quite a grueling process. But if you follow certain basic protocols you are sure to do well within a stipulated period. And if you have done your homework you must know how important the email list for is for marketing your business online. From the day you commence your online business your email list only gets bigger and Auto-responders is one of the most efficient ways of managing your email list.

One of the major advantages of auto-responder software is the time leveraging. Suppose you have a plan which is too be shared with a number of clients. Now instead of emailing the same mail one by one to each client, you can mail all the clients at the same time with the use of auto-responders. May be you will not find anything amusing in this as this facility is available in MSOutlook too. But the steps stated below will definitely give you a clearer view. So read on.

Step1: Suppose you want more and more people to sign up for your website newsletter. All you need to do is give them an online form in which they can enter their name and email address. Once they click on the submit button, their mailing details automatically get registered in the auto-responder. Is this not a faster and easier method considering there will be atleast hundred people viewing your website daily?

Step2: Now the auto-responder will start sending a chain of prefatory emails, which were pre-written by you, to the subscriber. For example the registration complete mail, the welcome email, the daily newsletter and other mails giving away free tips or hints. All these mails are to be given in a specific order; you cannot send the newsletter first and then the welcome mail. So imagine how arduous all this would be if it were to be done manually and that to with hundreds of new subscribers joining daily.

Step3: An auto-responder allows you to use the name of the subscriber in the subject field. With this facility, there are more chances of the recipient reading the mail. Thus marketing becomes even more sophisticated with auto-responder providing the facility of customizing every email. All you have to do is just set the parameters in the software at the start and save the settings.

Step4: with an auto-responder you can keep a track of each and every mail sent or received from a particular subscriber. Apart from this, auto-responders also aid in sending specific manipulative emails to the customers. For example, you can send a mail offering lower price to a customer yet to freeze in on your product whereas you can quote a higher price from established and affirmed customers.

With all these benefits can you still doubt the effectiveness of auto-responders as the success-mantra in internet marketing?
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