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Resale Rights: Top 10 Ways To Tell If You Are Gullible Or Addicted

Aug 17, 2007
With the huge glut of resale rights on the Web these days, it's easy to get addicted or just be downright gullible. After all, great deals appear to be everywhere, but sometimes they are not really so great. Before you buy the latest new package with resell rights for just $197 (today only!), here are 10 ways to tell if you have become a resell rights junkie (and a pretty gullible one, too).

10. It's 3 AM but you won't go to bed yet. You're waiting for a reply on a support email you just sent five minutes ago, asking what the password is for one of the zip files in that package of 3000 master resale rights products you just bought from someone on eBay. You figure you will probably hear back quickly because the seller had positive feedback about the coffee mugs they sold last week.

9. You've calculated that you should make over $60,000 this week on eBay alone if you break up that package of 3000 resale rights products and list each one with a full retail "Buy It Now" price.

8. You stayed up all night last night downloading free resell rights products from the latest giveaway event, even though you have to be at work in an hour because you've never actually sold a resale rights product yet.

7. You could get that new eBook you've been wanting for under $5 at any of three different dime sales you just got over 50 emails about. But it's not clear whether that includes master resell rights, so you buy it with master resale rights from the author for $67. After all, it must be hot since you're getting so many emails about it!

6. You're thinking of quitting your day job because you just found out how much two of the most famous Internet marketing gurus made (in only two days!) promoting the latest hot product to their lists. You just purchased the master resale rights for $97, and you've been meaning to start building a list.

5. You have seventeen different pop-up generator programs and nine squeeze page generators sitting on your hard drive, all with master resell rights. But this new one looks pretty good because it creates pop-up squeeze pages, and the sales page says no one has ever done that before. The transferrable master resale rights are just $47, today only. The resell rights go up to $77 tomorrow and $127 in three more days, so you figure you had better buy them now.

4. You've just bought some software with master resell rights, and you've calculated up how much you will make if all 100 of your subscribers open your email and buy it for $97 each. It will be close to 100% profit, because you just bought it on eBay for only $3 and no one else has been actively selling the software since over three years ago.

3. You belong to 7 different resale rights membership sites for $37 each per month. They mostly have the same resale rights and master resale rights products, but every once in a while one has something the others won't have until a month from now.

2. You have over 500 products with master resale rights and complete reseller packages (including professional sales pages) on your hard drive but have actually only uploaded 10 of them to the Web for sale. But you just know that this new package of resale rights would outsell all of them if you buy it, because your favorite Internet marketing guru just sent out an email about it to his list of 70,000 subscribers saying that no one is marketing these yet.

1. Your wife and kids have their coats on and are waiting for you to take them to the movie you promised, but you just got emails from 20 different resellers about a hot new product with transferrable master resale rights. You need to download it now, because they said there are only 100 copies available before they are all gone.

If you caught yourself thinking or doing anything similar to all of the above, you are probably a resale rights addict and definitely have been absolutely gullible (but probably aren't nearly so gullible any more).

If you caught yourself thinking or doing anything similar to four or more of the above, but not all, you're probably not a resell rights addict, but you probably are about as gullible as the rest of us. Congratulations! After all, if you don't believe in yourself enough to do a few stupid things, you will probably never take enough chances to be a success.

If you could not identify with anything above, you had probably better not think about quitting your day job to make your fortune with master resale rights on the Web.
About the Author
Mike Adams only admits to falling somewhere between 4 and 10 on the scale above. Want to make money with master resale rights without being an addict and without being ripped off for being too gullible? Get free resale rights products and information at: http://www.gigantic-resale-rights.com/
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