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Get Accepted by More Directories and Increase Backlinks

Aug 17, 2007
Submitting to directories is a good way for new marketers to get their sites indexed, and to get backlinks to their new website.

Speed up directory submissions

Be ready in advance, and save yourself some time. Submitting to directories is free if you do it yourself, but it is time consuming. Make the best use of your time. Have some information ready before you get started.

A handy tool that is also free is note tab lite. Just do a search and you'll find it and can download it for free. In the tools section there is a handy device for counting words and characters. Click on text statistics.

After you have downloaded note tab, write up a description for your website. Do a check to see how many words and characters. Now copy and paste this to notepad. Go back to note tab and make up a different description. Do another word and character count, and copy this to notepad. Make up several descriptions and also titles. You can do different lists of keywords as well and have all the character and words counts available in notepad.

Now you are ready to do your submissions. Get out your directory list. Go to the first directory, and see what they allow. You already have your descriptions and know how many characters in each. Just copy and paste the appropriate description and title and finish your submission.

Another thing you can do is keep a list of the directories you have submitted to in an excel spreadsheet. Directories frown on duplicate submissions. If you copy them into a spreadsheet, and sort them alphabetically, you will know if you've already submitted.

Having a spreadsheet can also be motivating. You can readily see just how many directories you have submitted to, and if maybe you need to work a little harder at it.

If you are marketing on a shoestring, skip the directories that require payment. There are plenty that you can submit to for free.

The same is true of those requiring a backlink. The whole idea of submitting to directories is to get one way links. I, personally, need a good reason to give a backlink.

Increase submission acceptance in directories

Read the guidelines before you submit to a directory. If you violate their guidelines you are not likely to get listed.

The two main things that will diminish your chances of getting listed are:

1. Submitting to the wrong category. Look through the categories offered by the directory site and select the one that is the best match for your website and what you market.

2. Keyword stuffing is the second factor that will decrease your chances of being accepted by a directory.

Don't repeat keywords in your title. In your description mix it up a bit. Use other words that have the same meaning. And if they ask for keywords don't even try repeating them over and over.

Directories are a valued service edited by real fellow human beings. Value their time, make good submissions according to guidelines, and you'll have much more success getting your website listed.
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