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How to Convert Your Website Into a Non-Stop Out Of Control ATM Cash-Machine?

Aug 17, 2007
I am sure you have done your research work and your website is up and ready to profit in this world wide web with all the killer products displayed on your site ready for sale.

Now you might be confused as to what you need to do to make a killer income from your newly created website. What are the exact steps you need to follow to get your bank account souring.

Well it's not that difficult and it is not easy too for lazy guys and gals.

Here are 2 simple steps to make a killer income and a comfortable living from your website.

1. Get quality traffic to your site.
2. Make sure you increase your website sales conversion.

'Hey Murtuza, I have heard this several times' - I can hear you saying. But if you have heard this, ask yourself, what are the exact steps you are taking right now to perform these 2 simple steps.

If at all you have started online with your new site and you're looking for a simple blueprint to get your cash account souring selling your producs and services then here you go...

Step 1 - Focus On Driving Quality Lazer-Targeted Website Traffic.

This might sound complicated but frankly it is easier than you think. The biggest truth of getting traffic to your website is that website traffic is a simple numbers game.

It is simple. Let us assume that you have written 10 articles last week and you used an article submission service to distribute your articles to article directories and ezine publishers.

You have tracked your visitors and you can clearly see that these 10 articles have bought you 100 visitors to your site.

That's cool. Now to double your traffic all you have to do is submit 20 articles this week. To triple your traffic submit 30 articles this week. Isn't this simple?

This is just one of the 101 traffic generation tactics I am talking about. You can start receiving traffic to your site by...

1. Participating in discussion forums.
2. Getting traffic from pay per click search engines.
3. Submitting ads in ezines.
4. Doing joint ventures.
5. Creating content for your site.
6. Search engine optimization.
7. Creating ecourses, viral mini-ebooks and reports.

All you have to do is take time testing different traffic generation tactics, track how many visitors you are getting from each of them and then duplicate your efforts to get MORE and MORE traffic.

One powerful tactic that you can follow is to hire a person on project basis. Get someone to write articles for you and pay them on article basis or monthly basis. This will make your traffic generation work on autopilot.

Step 2 - Increase Your Website Traffic Conversion Ratio.

Now that you've traffic pouring into your site, you have to try your best to pull every dollar out of the visitors pouring into your site.

Let us assume that you are selling 1 product to 100 visitors to your site that makes you $50 net profits. This means that if you get 2000 visitors to your site every month, you will sell 20 products and earn $1000 profits every month.

If you start selling 2 products to every 100 visitors to your site, your monthly income will double without putting in any additional efforts to get more traffic to your site.

Therefore it is extremely important to focus on increasing your website conversion ratio. Here are few steps that you can use right now to increase your website conversion ratio.

1. Focus on sharpening your website copy with killer benefits.
2. Add some upsell products to produce more income.
3. Fix some one time offers at some landing pages on your site, such as your lead thankyou page.
4. Add quality content to your site.
5. Add some quality low cost products that sells under $20. Such products keep selling all day long.
6. Focus on increasing your backend products.
7. Add more ecourses to your site or increase your existing ecourse with killer articles.
8. Write weekly or bi-weekly newsletters and build relationship with your subscribers.

These are simple 2 steps that you can follow to pull unlimited cash from your website. There has never been a better time for you to get started, than it is today.

I wish you all the very best and success in life and business.
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