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Say it Loud and Proud: I Love Money!

Aug 17, 2007
As a Law of Attraction coach, I encounter many people with negative, limiting ideas about wealth, almost as if money were something to be ashamed of! But what does money really represent in this world, except the freedom to live the life we desire and help others do the same?

To love money is to love freedom. To resent money is to resent freedom. And since freedom is a natural desire of all men and women, anyone who doesn't love and appreciate it is completely out of the "flow" of nature.

My point is simple: there is something wrong with people who don't love money (freedom). They are trying to fight nature-to go against the natural desire of all humans to live with greater freedom, and this never produces a good result. You can't fight nature; you can only go with its flow, and to the extent that you do, you will attract greater and greater abundance into you life.

There are a million crazy paradigms out in the world concerning money, and many people have blindly accepted these fallacies without giving them much thought. For example, in the part of the world I come from, saying that you "love money" would shock and even disgust some people! They consider money to be "dirty," "evil" or even a "sin."

These same people never think about that new state-of-the-art pediatric wing at their local hospital that cost more than 200 million dollars and was entirely donated by successful local business-people who loved and cherished money (freedom) enough to amass a huge quantity of it. Sometimes I wonder; do they think that people who hate money amass that kind of great wealth?

Likewise, they seldom consider the jobs that arrive in their community because someone loves money (freedom) and wants to open more and more businesses in order to increase their wealth (freedom). And I could go on and on (but I won't) with examples of ridiculous attitudes toward money and wealth.

The underlying point is that money is good. Money is worthy of your love, respect, gratitude and admiration. And when you honestly feel these emotions associated with money, it will come rushing into your life like an unstoppable force of nature--which is exactly what it is.

If you come from a background like mine, it may take some work on your part to begin seeing money as the amazing positive force of nature that it actually is, but you can start getting into the vibration of money by expressing gratitude and love for it--and do so unashamedly. Don't just "go through the motions." Get into the feeling-state of it by looking at all the great things money does in the world. You won't have to look very far.

You only get what you give in this world. If you don't love money, you can't expect money to love you.
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Jon Mercer is a personal development coach and author, and teaches advanced Law of Attraction techniques in seminars, videos and online.
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