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Career Opportunities Come Through Building Rapport

Aug 17, 2007
Truth is, you aren't going to get very far with building your career success, if you're grumbling and muttering about your lot all the time. Do this and you will likely as not fail. Take action steps of your own and there's a much better chance of success.

People like to be with people that make them feel good and, frankly, no one enjoys a whiner. Boosting your career success can be as simple as building rapport with others you meet, even if you might not think they can influence the way your career develops.

What's more, it's a far better sort of person to be!

These ideas show how you can do this quickly, consistently and well:-

1. Greet people like you really are glad to see them. And even if you don't particularly like someone, get over it, there's a bigger challenge out there than petty dislikes.

Making the other person feel like you're glad to see them can open up a lot of opportunities.

The rewards of career success may not be noticeable at first, but hang in there, this is an investment that can pay out in days, weeks or even years!

2. Show a real and keen interest in the other person and what they are about. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so ask an open question that gets the other person talking. "How are you?", is a good place to start.

Ask a question that will start conversation - one where the answer isn't going to be yes, or no.

Each time the conversation lags, you can spark things by asking another open question, to keep them talking about themselves, which is the way they get to like you!.

3. Watch for opportunities. When you're networking with someone or just having a talk, watch for those moments where you can either offer your services or mention that you'd like some help. Career success often comes from offers or requests just like these.

4. If a person asks YOU what you've been doing lately, tell them you've been working on making some changes and bettering your life. This is a great opportunity.

Having built rapport by being interested in them, it becomes OK to ask the other person for some help or guidance.

People like to feel their opinion is valuable and they'll be more than willing to share expertise or opinion.

Actually people feel valued when they can help someone else - so be sure to take them up on it when they offer help.

5. Be specific and, ask for contacts or a phone number. Request help getting in touch with someone you feel will help advance your career.

Tell people your plans for moving up the career success ladder and maybe even a few of your next steps - and then let the conversation close with a warm parting and even the offer to meet up again.

That's right; don't be too pushy. A nice, comfortable conversation that gets you a little bit closer to your career success goals is best. Don't push too hard, keep it just right.

Building rapport can happen in moment, but usually doesn't happen overnight. Networking with others can take some time. Soon, though, you'll notice more people gravitating towards you.

You may be asked for advice or your opinion. You may find that you're consulted on more important projects. You didn't change much; just the way you talked to other people.

Isn't it worth a few changes to boost your career success?
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