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Improve Your Mortgage Business Using Two Little Words

Aug 17, 2007
As you know, everyone loves to be appreciated, recognized, and acknowledged for the good deeds they do. The world has changed a lot and being considerate and having manners are becoming a thing of the past.

Here's a mortgage marketing tip that can help your business so much, your head will spin:

Write notes to people everyday and tell them simply "Thank You."

There's no doubt about it...when you take the time to thank someone, you connect with them on a totally different level. All of a sudden, it becomes extremely personal and extremely private. To the recipient, it's remarkably soothing and comforting and they experience that warm and fuzzy feeling. In all of this, you really stand out from the crowd as a caring Mortgage Professional.

How many handwritten "Thank You" notes do you receive in the mail everyday? If your mailbox is anything like mine, I would guess that the number is probably zero. People just don't write "Thank You" notes these days, but you should. The logic here is...if someone goes out of their way to help you...you should go out of your way to say "Thank You."

Get yourself some "Thank You" cards or print them yourself using a desktop publishing program. Thank those people that helped you or who did something for you today...it could be for anything.

Thank your mailman or FedEx person for delivering your mail,
Thank your processor for the effort on your file,
Thank your underwriter for that positive approval,
Thank your client for providing timely information,
Thank your Realtor/Agent for the referral,
Thank your Appraiser for the quick Appraisal delivery,
Thank your Title Agent for their closing assistance,
Thank your home landscaper, pool man, or repairman for a job well done.

When you think about it, your list is almost endless. Set a minimum goal of sending five (5) "Thank You" cards each day for one month. Follow-up each "Thank You" mailing with a quick phone call and a verbal "Thank You."

Always be sincere and honest in the praise you give. Be prepared to generate a lot of Mortgage Business by doing this, because many people tell others that you and your company are great to deal with. When that happens, increase the number of your daily "Thank You" notes and then include me in your will.

So, buy some stamps and produce some cards and start writing. Your response will be instant and somewhat overwhelming. Showing you appreciate your contacts and their business will go a long way in assuring their business for a long time.

Let me assure you, your "Thank You" cards and follow-up will make someone's day and there's no doubt about it...your pipeline and "Mortgage Business" will improve as a result.
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Tom Domin is the author of "101 Ways to Originate Mortgages" and publisher of "Tom's Mortgage Tips" a twice monthly Mortgage Newsletter geared for Mortgage Professionals. Increase your pipeline and put your mortgage career on the fast track and sign-up for FREE at http://www.MortgageMarketingToolKit.com
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