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Sales Motivation Secrets that Guarantee Success

Aug 17, 2007
Not everyone in this world can be a sales person with sales motivation. Sales motivation takes skills that are learned. There are many different types of sales people for millions of different products. But the one thing that they have in common is sales motivation.

They have to set goals on what types of businesses they are going after. They have to set goals on how much commission they will earn. Without goals, a sales person couldn't keep their sales positions.

There are five great ways to generate sales:

1. Area canvassing

This type of selling is when the sales person goes to places where they know their particular product is in need and demand. They stop in and possibly leave a business card, and maybe even a sample of what they are selling.

This is a great strategy, because people like to put a name to a face when dealing with them in a business relationship.

2. Cold Calling

This is where the sales person makes phone calls to business that could possibly offer an opportunity for sales. This is a very impersonal approach that is not recommended.

3. Direct mailings

The sales person will make up flyers and brochures and send out to businesses that may need the product for sale. They may even send out a free sample for them to try.

4. E-mail solicitation

This strategy works if the sales person has contacts with the businesses that he/she is e-mailing. Otherwise, there is so much junk mail being sent over the Web that it might get deleted before it is even read.

5. Networking

This is by far the most effective way to sell a product. Networking is when the sales person gets leads through other people in this business and go from there.

This gets your name out there, and if a friend of a friend knows you, you will stand a bigger chance of getting in the door to sell your product.

Sales Motivation is like any other motivation. You must first set goals that are within your reach. After the goals have been set, then it is time to write down your objectives and steps to reach those desired goals.

The next step in obtaining sales motivation is to reward yourself when you do make a sale or obtain a new client.

A good sales person requires a positive attitude. They may have the door slammed on them many times throughout the day, however, they need to be able to maintain that outgoing personality to enable them to go on to the next place of business.

A sales person gets his/her motivation from the commissions that they make, along with the interaction with people and the actual challenge of the sale itself.
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