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Are You Resentful of Your Clients?

Aug 17, 2007
That might sound like a strange question, but hear me out. You may have a case of Client Resentment Disease.

If you are not being paid what you deserve, you will feel resentful each time a client does something - even a little "off" - like miss a deadline, not return your call, asks you to do something "today", is late with a check, etc.

It happens.

Service-based business owners are the primary target.


You love what you do. You've gone into business - to do more of what you love doing and to be your own boss. Maybe you've turned a gift or a skill into a business (Hip Hip for you!). However, due to long standing beliefs, you may feel that getting paid a lot of money by another would be wrong. OR you may hear yourself saying that it's so easy to do; how can you ask for what you know your full rate should be. OR you know what you should be getting paid, but you're afraid that someone will reject you if you tell them the right number. OR maybe you hear it from your family - why should someone pay you "$" for doing your service when family or friends can do it for free?

I hear it all the time, and contrary to popular thought, it's not just women who tell me - in a round about way, that their beliefs are standing in the way of their success. It's "people" - from all over the world!

The bottom line is that these beliefs are no longer serving you if you end up with a case of Client Resentment Disease.

It's not the client who is at fault.

It's old beliefs that no longer serve you.

It's time to get rid of them.


Raise the bar. Rebel against your beliefs. Knowledge with action is the key.

Consider starting with a few of these ideas.

1) The quantity of excellent books on millionaire minds, money, prosperity and finances are numerous. Read some. You'll start seeing patterns.
2) Many times trained coaches and experienced consultants who deal with money, finances, debt elimination, or budgeting as part of their business, can assist you.
3) Challenge yourself. Do the research to learn how much you should be making an hour.
4) Create a plan to raise your rates. Start with new clients and work backwards.
5) Do a search on www.TopTen.org on setting boundaries and standards.
6) See a therapist for some short term help.
7) Subscribe to a few ezines of wealth managers, there is a list at The Resource Queens Web site.
8) Start talking about money with those close to you.
9) Empower yourself. Take 100% charge of your budget and finances.
10) Find a Certified Financial Planner that you trust, and start talking money!
11) Remember that you're not alone. Even though I was a trader on Wall Street, I still had some beliefs getting in MY way!

Do it NOW.

12 step programs (Like Alcoholics Anonymous, etc) have a slogan called the 3 A's. They're a SIMPLE formula on how change occurs:


Many of you reading this know that you're underpaid. Not only that, you're allowing clients to take full advantage of you because "the client is never wrong". Instead of having great clients, you're always putting out fires. You end up with clients from hell.

Take a stand now.

Remove Client Resentment Disease from your life. Get paid what you deserve, set boundaries, create a profile of your ideal client and start attracting more of them to you.

It starts with you.

It can start to change right now.
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2005 Maria Marsala. Are you ready to get rid of Client Resentment Disease? If so, attend the next Get Paid What You Deserve: Raise Your Rates TeleSeminar or join Business Success Ezine and receive 2 reports and an audio, too. Visit http://www.ElevatingYourBusinessU.com
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