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Google And Work At Home Based Business Opportunity

Aug 17, 2007
Do you know what is Googling? We hear and read that different people all over the world are Googling. It has become a house name. It is on TV already.

Googling is an expression used to name the regular practice of search for things on the Internet. For example, if anyone is looking for a work at home based business opportunity; it goes to Google web page and search it there. And Google is the higher up, the most used and most relevant of the search engine.

A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system, such as on the World Wide Web, inside a corporate or proprietary network, or in a personal computer. The search engine allows one to ask for content meeting specific criteria, typically those containing a given word or phrase, and retrieves a list of items that match those criteria. This list is often sorted with respect to some measure of relevance of the results. Search engines use regularly updated indexes to operate quickly and efficiently.

Yahoo, MSN and others offer these service to their public Web too. These entire search engines operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.

However, the fight for top search engine positioning begins and ends with Google. Not only have they captured 95% of the search engine market but they have also become the leader in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Pay-Per-Click are advertisers bid on keywords that they believe their target market, people they think would be interested in their offer, would type in the search bar when they are looking for their type of product or service. For example, if an advertiser sells red widgets, he/she would bid on the keyword red widgets, hoping a user would type those words in the search bar, see their ad, click on it and buy. These ads are called sponsored links or sponsored ads and appear next to and sometimes above the natural or organic results on the page. The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad.

How does Google performance concern a work at home based business opportunity? All Internet marketing have used many strategies for promote their business, such as: e-mail marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Blogging, submit articles at article directory, traffic exchange and of course search engine optimization. There are thousands of people using these strategies to sell their products.

But the best way spoken by web masters, Internet marketing gurus have been search engine. And that is why Google is so important to those want a work at home business.
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