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Trouble Ticket Software: Come On Over To The Other Side

Aug 17, 2007
Are you struggling with all the support you do day after day? Do you sometimes wish you had a way to manage all your incoming customers in a way that was organized, effective and allowed you to spend less time doing actual support? Don't worry, it's no secret that every internet marketer wants this.

The problem is that you don't know how to automate all your support, and even with a trouble ticket software you won't necessarily be able to do it because not all of them are made the same. This is why so many marketers that are making incredible amounts of money online have spend hundreds of hours a month answering emails and doing the same support (most of them without even knowing it) over and over.

Most people spend their entire day going back and forth between emails, whatever project they're working on, and getting distracted by a million things in between. Are you like this? Because if you are you may not realize that these distractions may be costing you a lot of money, it's you costing time, and you are blowing your life every hour that you don't focus on what's important.

You can honestly save about 3 hours a day just by not getting distracted with support and having it on autopilot. If you weren't distracted every 30 seconds by new email coming into your mailbox you'd get things done much more effectively. That's the way you can reduce your workload and therefore focus more on what matters: MAKING MORE SALES.

This is why if you get a trouble ticket software that does this, you will not only save thousands hours per year but it will also allow you to focus on creating new projects, making more money. You see, it's not how much time you work, because you can spend a lot of time doing activities that are not profitable, but it's how effectively you work. If you work smart you don't have to work as much and chances are you'll make much more money in the process.

What you need to do reduce your support is very simple. You need to get a trouble ticket software that actually does this for you. You have to be careful that you select the right one that includes the script to actually do this.

Coming from a marketer that's had his fair share of online experience, I can share that having a script on your site to manage your customers and your support, is infinitely better than not having one. Even if you're just starting your business, managing your customers in an organized matter will often impress them which can only pay off in the end.
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