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Support Desk: Tired Of Doing Support?

Aug 17, 2007
As web owners, we appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the internet. However, as web owner we realize that when you have a business you're going to have to do support, and when you do support, you're going to get all sorts of stuff coming at you. This article is the how to guide of reducing and reducing your support.

Spending countless hours doing support? Most people don't even realize that they are answering email after email answering the same questions every day. People are trained to look at content not at structure. But if you were to look at your support patterns carefully you would see that about 90% of the questions you get today have already been asked before.

The reason webmasters do this over and over without any real solutions is simply because they don't know how to fix it. Most people have never been exposed to a really good Support Desk so they just don't know the benefits of having all your workload organized in an efficient manner.

You can honestly save about 3 hours a day just by not getting distracted with support and having it on autopilot. If you werent distracted every 30 seconds by new email coming into your mailbox you'd get things done much more effectively. That's the way you can reduce your workload and therefore focus more on what matters: MAKING MORE SALES.

If you have a good Support Desk installed then not only do you save time, you also end up saving a lot of money as well. Let me explain. It's a common theme for web owners to get refunds because their support emails didn't go through, so if you actually get through to your customers then your refunds go down, then your monthly profits go up.

The way to get to this place with your website is simply by setting up a Support Desk on your website. I know this doesn't seem like that much at first but there is enourmous power in doing this to your website. The key is to place the right script that does one simple function: Put all your FAQ's in front of the customer before he asks a question. That is how they find their answer.

Coming from a marketer that's had his fair share of online experience, trust me, having a script on your site to manage your customers and your support, is infinitely better than not having one. Even if you're just starting your business, managing your customers in an organized matter will often impress them which can only pay off in the end.
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