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Ticket System: Do You Need One?

Aug 17, 2007
Are you struggling with all the support you do day after day? Do you sometimes wish you had a way to manage all your incoming customers in a way that was organized, effective and allowed you to spend less time doing actual support? Don't worry, it's no secret that every internet marketer wants this.

If you are indeed doing support and you don't have a ticket system then chances are you're spending a lot of time attending the visitors of your site. The problem with regular email support is that you answer the same questions over and over, and even sometimes you get upset visitors that think you have neglected them because even though you answered their email the spam blockers never allowed it to go through.

The reason why most people do this is because they are unaware that there is a solution to actually reduce your support by 90%. They spend they days mindlessly typing away because they haven't found a solution to this problem. In fact they don't even know they are having this problem because most people aren't using a ticket system because it's more like an insider secret that most people don't know about.

What most people don't know is that customer support is always 90% repeated questions and only 10% consists of new unheard of questions. That's why it's possible to reduce the support by putting all the answers of the frequently asked questions right in front of your customers the moment they were going to ask such question.

This is why if you get a ticket system that does this, you will not only save thousands hours per year but it will also allow you to focus on creating new projects, making more money. You see, it's not how much time you work, because you can spend a lot of time doing activities that are not profitable, but it's how effectively you work. If you work smart you don't have to work as much and chances are you'll make much more money in the process.

What you need to do reduce your support is very simple. You need to get a ticket system that actually does this for you. You have to be careful that you select the right one that includes the script to actually do this.

Go ahead and do your research and find the right ticket system for you. Look for things like good pricing, an organized way to deal with tickets, a password protection function. All these things make a difference and will improve your business greatly.
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