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Can You Really Be Lazy and Still Earn Money?

Aug 17, 2007
Time and time again you see sales letters that claim that with only thirty minutes of work you too can be a work at home guru. There was even one page that bragged about turning anyone into a work at home wiz in under five minutes. These claims have become cliche and such sales pages often lead to people becoming weary of work at home programs. But why then would there be so many? Can you really be lazy and still
earn money with a work at home program.

The typical answer would be no. There is not a company online or offline that can turn you into a millionaire without doing something. But on that note, there are people who manage to work less and make more. These people are not lazy however, theyre clever. They have found ways to work smarter instead of harder to earn money. The beauty of it is you dont have to be web genius, or hold a degree in communications to adopt the work smart tactics that many work at home gurus have mastered.

The first thing to do is to leverage your time. All work at home gurus have learned how to leverage their time. They know that you will never get rich trading dollars for hours. Wealthy people let their money and other people work for them. Maybe you can only manage
to work fifteen hours a week but you can leverage the time of a thousand people and create a ten thousand hour work week. And yes, this is possible to do without hiring employees. It involves network marketing.

Another essential time saver is to use an automated system. There are lot tasks to be handled in any business. But with most work at home business these tasks can be handled by an automated system. Many people fail to earn money because they can not or do not like to sell. The simplest solution to this is to use an automated selling system where lead generation, sifting, and selling, is all handled for you.

Probably one of the biggest time snatchers is to start from scratch. This is your classic example of working hard. Smart workers dont reinvent the wheel. It takes to much time to learn what to do and what not do through your own mistakes. Work at home masters have been there, done that. Take note of what they tell you and apply that. Dont try to create your own new set of rules.

Build a residual income. Think of all the time, energy and stress it takes to find a new customer each and everyday. You dont always have to focus on creating new prospects to earn money. The best way to truly earn money is to build a residual income. Dont just sell a product one time; find a way to earn money from anything you sell. Sell a product or service today and earn an income for life. It isnt about working all
hours of the day to make a one time sale its about working an hour today and earning money for a life time.

You can not be wealthy by being lazy, you can work less and make more if you apply the tactics described above today.
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Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Work at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to start and prosper with your own Internet Home Based Business.
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