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Aug 17, 2007
Starting a new business can be a harried experience. You need to make myriad of decisions, such as the budget needs be stretched, the new secretary quit before the end of the first week and so forth. The struggles are endless.

To reduce the burdens, you thought maybe working from home is a better way to go because you can keep your own hours, do not need to face staffing issues. You can embrace that chronic insomnia, which made you late for traditional jobs and left you dozing off during meetings. Your schedule is as flexible as you are - if your kids have a mid-week soccer game, you can attend it without feeling guilty. If you need to see the dentist, just need to make an appointment for whenever.

However, there also have many unique challenges you need to face. Therefore being aware of the potential pitfalls and get some proper preparation done can provide a way to preserve your sanity.

Because you are staying and working from home, friends and family members are often assume that you are free and available. They will call you all the time, ask you out and come over visit you faster than ever. Those distraction will cause you not be able to set your work back to the hours. As a result, you will get even more headache and frustration. You want to shout out but you don't want to upset them and make them feel disappointed.

Then what should you do? Following are some suggestions and ideas toward to how to handle the situation like this above and some others to make your home business more productive.

1. In the early stage of your working from home business, you should set up a clear boundary regarding to your schedule, availability for phone calls and visits to prevent misunderstanding.

2. If you have small kids and you want to keep them home with you while you work, having a contingency plan for days is needed, especially when the workload requires more attention than usual. Have a carefully planned schedule in place is an excellent way to head off disasters before they happen. Find local babysitters who are willing to come to your home to help when needed. Recruit friends and family to provide occasional entertainment for short periods to allow you work without interruptions.

3. If you are an early bird type of person, get up early is often the best way to increase your productivity; it is especially effective while those little angels are still sleeping. You can think quietly and write down those things that help you keep focused, which are a good investment towards preserve your sanity.

4. Now you have real freedom to pursuit what you consider important in life, such as family, friends and the pleasure of life. However, do not forget the tax time. Consulting earlier with a tax expert or accountant will arm you with the necessary knowledge and save you time and money when filing your first year's business taxes.

5. If you work from home as an affiliate and dissatisfy with some of the products or services you are promoting, you should write, call or contact merchants directly, firmly and politely while explaining that the products or services were not acceptable. If you still feel cold after bring the blunder to the business attention, you should report the offender to those related business authority organization, like the Better Business Bureau and call for legal advice.

So using good old common sense, a little street smart and a lot of charm and honesty will help your achieve your goals from work from home and allow you to keep your sanity and your home life intact.
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Ann Liu, internet marketer and author of A Simple Way To Start and Build Your Own Online Business. To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com
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