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True-Life Reality When Starting A Wholesale Business

Aug 17, 2007
It is very interesting whether it is wholesale business or just plain e-commerce investments. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you will be criticized anyway. You will be damned if you do, and damned if you do not. Such famous quote has a lot of truth and can be interpreted in multiple analogies depending on your situation.

Putting the start-up into plate, when you want to begin a business- start doing your diligence on it. Talk to your loved ones; spouse, family and perhaps your best friend. If they do not acknowledge or believe in what you want to achieve, make sure to re-evaluate what you are current set for taking potential action, is both realistic and can be achieved. If your idea and business plan has been done by numerous people and your plan can be taken as a realistic goal- you should take action on it no matter what anyone perception might be.

Why? Let me just share with you a very important story. For say, you have always believed in yourself. You have a huge trust in yourself, big ego, more than acceptable good grades and education- you are surely, qualified to achieve what you are open to involve yourself deeply in many ways.

But in a very naked way, your relatives and friends open you with a feedback of- you are crazy or that is just not possible. Better yet, you then had and still have caring parents no matter if you are 24 or 50 years of age telling you that your ideas are, well- not possible. Add the fact that they are highly successful corporate employees earning more than 20k a month, what you got?

A mental downer for support? As a true story, let me share with you some very inspiring and motivating truth. The faster you get your mind out of this chauvinistic 8-5pm corporate-cultural-highly paid-employee traditional nonsense, the faster you should be able, to achieve your financial goals in a business. Whether it is for wholesale business or for building the next Google empire- it can all happen.

You set your goal to $100 a month, you then make $100 a month. You set your goal to make $500 a month, then that is achieved. You set yourself for $1,000 a month, now your ego and trust in what you start to do positively flips incredibly in the: I can do this simple stuff over and over again.

Then you hit $5,000 in sales a month and every single month- if you are 22 years of age, your minds starts to positively dazzle. Later on you hit $12,000 a month in a continued basis in 2007 in sales, all of a sudden from the people that know you closely- say: Hey, how is it that you are doing all that with half of your day being spent going out, your parents become incredibly happy as you can purchase their $450,000 home and that long ago Ferrari finally appears at least for a one-day rent ride.

The most important thing when you try, test and fail- is how do you respond at your failure. Believe me, critics will arrive, the kings and queens of drama will be all over you because you failed or are where you are- specially when thanks to our teachings many just do not carry their own self- judgement. Then your belief in yourself will be teased for a potential hard-knock drop!

Will you swallow the critics, do you have the guts to fail again until you succeed at some degree? Just to remind you, the majority of the issues you may encounter will come from the outside- externally. You should not listen to any of it and never fall prey for the: It does not work mentality, just because you tried once and failed.

If many have realistically done it and achieved some kind of financial success, you should be able to do it and even improving on it. Hard initially work without pay, persistence and continued education are among the top characteristics and qualities you should own. If you are ready to quit ask yourself the following triggering points:

Is anyone that I had ask for feedback has done what I am trying to do? If so, what kind of success have they achieved? Do they have any kind of education or knowledge to understand and approve that what you are planning to do is worth it or not worth the time or money?

Better yet, how do they live? How much money do they make a month? If you are in business and they have been working for more than 10-20 years in a job, do you really think they will believe in your business plan and are the best people to advice you about your initial and end when it comes to building your own business?

If you get a pattern of huge straight no answers for the above edifying points- understand it and like many of us started doing- fly with the eagles and not with the ducks. In other words, if starting a wholesale business or an Internet marketing e-commerce shop or any other of the thousands of opportunities everyone can be blessed on the Internet, for your own good- ask and get mentored by the people who have done what you want to successfully do and achieve.

It is all up to you. In a few years, if selecting the right niche and sub-niche businesses- you will see how simple can be to afford that $1,900-$2,400 per month mortgage that you have always loved. You should live your dreams and do whatever it takes to achieve the first one no matter what, and then all other sub-sequent ones that come along. Then and only then, you may think of perhaps buying that red Ferrari or that gorgeous beach house and shock everyone again!
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