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Making Quick And Easy Money Using Google Adwords

Aug 17, 2007
Some people are hesitant to start making money online because they don't know how to create a website. Some people are uneasy about getting a web host, setting up a webpage, knowing HTML, etc. Truly, this obstacle has put the shackles on many people who aspire to make money online. Luckily there is a solution.

The Google Cash method was popularized a few years ago and some people are still doing it today with great results. The first step into using this google cash method is by joining Adwords. Setting up your first Adwords campaign is really easy and tutorials are available on the Adwords website. Tthe only requirements are three things:

1) You know how to write well of course, if you're reading this then maybe you DO know how to write simple ads.

2) You can research keywords; this can be done for you by visiting Wordtracker.com or Nichebot.com

3) You have a little money to spend on advertising

So the first thing to do is to get your affiliate links because this is the target URL that you are going to send your ad clickers to. When they click your Adwords ad they are sent directly to the merchant's page and if they buy the product you are promoting the sale is credited to you. Viola, you didn't even need a website to do this.

One word of caution though, make sure you set a reasonable daily limit for your ad campaign. You are charged according to the number of clicks that your ad gets. A safe limit is around $20-$25 if you've consumed that much in a day then your ads will stop being displayed on the Google Search engine.

Also take note of your conversion rate. At the minimum you should be able to make at least 1 sale for every 100 clicks that you send. A good guideline for setting your bids is to divide your commission by 100 so if your commission per sale is $25 then you can bid for 0.25 per click. If you get 100 clicks and have spent $25 already without a single sale then drop that product and move to another. If you have 1 sale in 100 clicks then you have just broken even. If you make 2 for every 100 then you profit $25. Yes, this can be done without even getting your own website. You can start immediately.
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