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What is Stopping You From Becoming Wealthy?

Aug 17, 2007
A lot of people dream about becoming wealthy and successful. Some of these people translate their desire to be wealthy into action. However, a few others set up the goals, but fail to follow them through.

Everyone or at least most people would like to be wealthy. So, why do people fail to achieve their dream of becoming rich and successful?

Do you want to be wealthy? Have you set up some plans to work towards being wealthy but failed to achieve anything? So what is keeping you from becoming rich?

1. You do not have enough commitment and desire to be wealthy. This is very important if you are to become wealthy. You must strongly want to wealthy. Define wealth in terms of what it will bring you - financial freedom and security, a better lifestyle, a bigger home, or a holiday. By focusing on what you can benefit from being rich, you can develop a strong desire to be wealthy. If you do not deeply desire to be wealthy, then you cannot be motivated enough to work hard on your goal to become rich.

2. You have not set up a detailed plan on how you can achieve your goal. In addition to a strong desire, you will also need a precise plan that outlines all the actions you will need to take in order for you to become wealthy. Your plan must have clearly defined goals that are achievable.

3. You did not take the action. If you have decided that you would like to be wealthy, and have set up the goals, you will need to follow through on this with
action. A lot of people think about wanting to become rich, they set up the plan, but never take the necessary action needed to start working towards the
goal. How can you achieve what you want if you do not take action?

4. You easily get discouraged. If you get discouraged every time you face a hurdle, then this will stop you from getting wealthy. Your journey towards your
success will have some setbacks and challenges, and you must be able to overcome these and keep on focused on your goal. Those who are wealthy have probably had
some setbacks, but they kept on working hard towards their goal. Do not be easily discouraged by those around you; which is why it is important to have a very supportive network.

5. You are not prepared to learn and work hard. If you want to be wealthy, it is very important that you are committed to work very hard consistently, and learn
from other successful people. If you work hard, your efforts will be rewarded.

6. You are not focused and persistent. These are very important personal traits you will need to have if you would like to become wealthy. Often people stay
focused for a few initial weeks and then stop working towards the goal to become wealthy. If you are focused, you can make good process in your goals, which will in turn motivate you to work even harder, thus propelling you towards your goals.

7. You do not treat your business and goals seriously or professionally. You must treat your goals seriously, and therefore you must have a professional
approach with your business. Although you must enjoy what you do, your business is not just your hobby; it is the 'vehicle' that will take you to the success
and wealth you want. If you are professional, your business will tend to flourish, which will support your success towards achieving your goals.

If you have been thinking about being rich for a long time, or if you have set some goals and perhaps some action; but have not achieved anything, then it is
probably due to one of the factors stated above. If you address these factors, you can eradicate that which is keeping you away from being successful.
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