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You've Got Leads, Now What? Part 2

Aug 17, 2007
So far you have learned the time frame in which you have to get your leads attention along with what you need to focus on when you begin talking to them. But theres more to cold calling, so read on.

MANF rule. Make a new friend every call. You have a list of friends that you have never met. Every time you engage in conversation you need to make a new friend. If you focus on being their friend, then making them feel comfortable comes easier. We dont like to pressure our friends we want to help them. By making them feel like they are talking to someone they can call a friend they are more likely to feel comfortable and are more receptive. You may not be the first person to have called them. So you have to separate yourself from all the other people that have
ever called. Try to befriend your leads.

Recruiting through. Suppose you call someone, lets say Joe, and Joe decides your offer isnt for him. Rather than saying thank you for you time and then hanging up, ask Joe to help you help someone else. Heres how it works:

Joe- Im sorry I am not interested. You- Joe that is so refreshing, thank you for being honest, but maybe you can help me; maybe you can point me in the direction of someone who this may be appropriate for in your area because I am looking for a leader in your marketplace.

This is referred to as empowering the no. By asking Joe, or whoever to think of someone who may be interested you've turned that no into a potential goldmine.

If a person tells you no say Great, thanks for being honest and then move forward. You may not always get a referral but this is definitely a strategy to put into play because more often than not it works.

The rule of reality. The reality is out of 100 people you maybe be lucky if you recruit 2%. Majority of people will not be interested. But this is ok because its worth going through 3-400 people in order to find your goldmine. You can find that person that will explode your business. Dont ever look at list in terms of numbers. Give up the I have to call all these people attitude right now. For every person that you do not call you could potentially be throwing 10,000 dollars out the window because that could be the one that could unleash the success in your business.

The golden principal. The only reason you work a cold market is to find a new warm market. Once you've got someone and you've recruited them then you have to start recruiting their warm market. They've got credibility with the people that they know. Focus on where the fire is. If you've got someone that is really hot you need to make them a top distributor. By helping them create success in their life they'll be helping you create success in yours.

Cold calling doesnt have to give you an anxiety attack. You need to get over your fear of the phone now because having success in any work at home program will rely upon it. Use the principals described above and you will have success with your work at program.
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