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Aug 17, 2007
Link directories have much to do with the way that a search engine helps people find a particular web site, and ultimately, with online marketing. There are a number of reasons why link directories are important, and they should be a part of any webmaster's site marketing strategy. Link directories are popular because they allow you find websites on niche topics. Having your site added in the top directories will allow you gain a great deal of visibility.

Search engines rely on directories as a source of links. Specifically, they rely on link popularity how popular a web site is, based on the quality of both its inbound and outbound links when pointing Internet users to a web site. This is what determines your site's ranking in a search engine when people use certain keywords to get search results. To say that search engines don't need web directories is a fallacy. They both work together seamlessly, and the overall goal is the same: To help people find what they are looking for.

The formula for achieving a high rank may thus seem as simple as using as finding as many keywords as you can in describing or tagging your web site. However, that is not all there is to it. Since search engines rank a web site according to how many other sites link to it, then it would make sense to have your web site added in as many web directories as possible. Having your site add in a large number of web directories does not guarantee success. To succeed with getting your site listed, you will want to focus on the web directories that have the most traffic and popularity.

At the same time, it is important to remember that search engines also look at the quality of a web site's links. Some web directories aim only to build link popularity and will list outbound links without verifying its quality. Such directories are often called link farms, and search engines give low value to sites listed there, if not ban them entirely. This means that a web site added in just one or two directories known to be good, reliable sources of links would get an even better ranking than a site added in several less-known web directories, or link farms. This is how Google ranks its search results, and other search engines have followed suit.

It would also make sense to monitor other sites that link to your site. After all, the quality of the sites that link to yours speaks of the quality of yours as well. You would not want your site to be identified with a low-quality site, and give Internet users the impression that your site is cheap. As a webmaster, your goal should be to make sure your website is only associated with link directories that are high in quality. Avoid getting your site added in just any web directory. It could have an effect on your ranking.

The bottom line is that having your link added in a high-quality web directory is one of the ways by which you can ensure a good ranking in search engine results.
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