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Capital Market Borders and Derivatives

Aug 17, 2007
The state of a capital market is one of the most popular economic detecting instruments, but few people know, that this detecting instrument means. It a more psychological barometer, than economic detecting instrument, because, though the prices on a capital market also have the close attitude(relation) to corporate earnings, the emotions of the market participants also influence the prices. In general, the high or rising parameters of a capital market testify to revival and advance of economy, and dipping parameters - about recession. But as drives some time, while the investors have time to react to economic variations, the capital market can be without delay delaying, than advancing parameter.

When and of what to supervise

Supervise of the tendencies in economic datas. We imply under it both tendency lately, and comparison of each parameter with similar for the same periods of the previous years. The comparison of datas for recent periods and previous years will allow you to consider datas in a context of variations.

Do not hurry to react to each variation of parameters, but also do not delay with a solution on undertaking changes and revision of the plans. If you already had to work during economic rises (or droops), you could already get used to thinking within the framework of those conditions, and the variations can find you unawares.

Study to realize influencing economy on your business. Studying economic datas, in due course you learn this. In some sorts of business, such as the financial companies (the not bank credit organizations), and at the sellers of second-hand automobiles of business go well during the recession Many other, such as restaurants, travel agencies and other firms selling not the essentialest goods and service, can hardly suffer at economic recession.

At last, you corrected of the large finger: the diverse cues frequently are the bulletins of variations. If all parameters testify to rise of economy, she(it) signifies is at the stage of revival and, probably, any time will hold on in this state still.

And if all signs speak about the recession, that, probably, it is. But if the one signs specify recession, and other uphill, wait for variation of a situation and remember, that it can be unpredictable.

Capital Market Borders: Let's glance for borders of a game field. Any business is not an island at ocean. The people playing in one game, simultaneously play and in other. Try to foresee and to prevent or, at least, to delay look-alike invasions. In 1980 the perfumery concern Minnetonka has started in production an elite pool soap Softsoap. The soap was excellent, but not patentable. How it was possible to hinder other large players in perfumery industry " to break off bank "? One method is to purchase all production of two unique manufacturers of proportioners per annum forward. Before others having hard time to enter the game, the soap Softsoap has received confession in the category. In the issue was right on the trademark is sold to the company Colgate-Palmolive for 61 million dollars.
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