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Ideas To Generate Network Marketing Leads That Join Your Business on Auto Pilot

Aug 17, 2007
These days everyone wants to make money and retire early. Everyone knows that network marketing can make one very rich. The secret to succeeding in this industry is to use the internet and emails to generate network marketing leads for you. Here are 3 things to look out for when utilizing this lead generation medium.

Question #1: Do you have a means of capturing prospect details?

An opt in form consists of a small box usually found at the bottom of a webpage where prospects can provide their name and email address. Upon opting in to the newsletter, they will be allowed access to the information you are offering. Opt in forms are generated by auto responders programs or services. Services cost $19.99 a month. Programs will cost a 1 time fee of $197 and are installed on your server.

Question #2: Do you have an appropriate auto responder followup email series?

The content on the lead capture page will decide the mindset of the audience when they provide their details. Because you are going to follow up with the prospect by email, its important that the email messages reflect the mood of the audience at the time they subscribe to the newsletter.

For example, if content on the lead capture age shares an exciting image of a wildly profitable way to succeed in network marketing using the internet to generate network marketing leads, the email series can be somewhat upbeat. On the other hand, a lead capture page with a down to earth tone will attract a subscriber with a down to earth mindset. And such a subscriber could possibly find an upbeat email series hypey and a turn off.

Thus it's important to match the email series with the message on the lead capture page.

Question #3: Do you have a different lead capture page for different target groups?
Because we now know how important it is to know the mindset of the prospect when they opt in to the form, we need to have different lead capture pages and separate auto responder email series for different people. This will increase the conversion rate of network marketing leads because the messages will address their concerns.

It is really amazingly simple how one can generate network marketing leads over the internet with just these tactics. Simply be following these ideas, I promise that you will finally get a taste of what it's really like to succeed wildly in network marketing!
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