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5 Steps To Getting Your Articles Published...

Aug 17, 2007
Getting your articles published can be easy if you take the right steps to make sure your content is something attractive to webmasters. Throwing something together isn't going to cut it. Your articles will be ignored and passed over. Knowing how to have a great article that gets your name out there and published is a good feeling for any writer, so here are five tips that will make sure your articles get noticed.

1. Write what you know. Home renovation may be the hottest thing going in article demand, but if you don't know how to rip up flooring, pass on the idea of writing about renovating a kitchen. Your expertise needs to show in your writing, so write about something you know. Target another hot topic that you're confident writing about because you know it well.

2. Research your material. The best way to have someone come back for your articles is to be an expert on a subject. The more articles you put up in article directories that show you're the person who knows everything about marketing strategies, for example, the more people will want to drop your name. Think about it - you want your name to become a status symbol, so be the expert who knows all about the subject.

3. Never paraphrase or rewrite material. Cutting corners isn't the way to go to get your articles published. Original work that no one has written about before will earn you marks and attract those who want to publish your work. Everyone knows about common knowledge matter - be different and write about something new. Be original as much as you can.

4. Avoid fluff and filler. People hate this. Cut out the unnecessary text and keep things simple but interesting. Trying to fill up a page with words just to hit the word count mark will show as fluffy writing that doesn't have any meat on its bones. If you're going to write, be serious about it and make the article attractive and informative or as interesting as possible. Give value to your readers.

5. Edit, edit, edit. If you want to be published, hone your skills until even the toughest editor can't find a mistake. Writing is a craft and articles, no matter how common or popular they might be, shouldn't be full of grammar errors, punctuation problems and spelling mistakes. Professional work attracts attention like crazy.

One extra tip; be proud of your chosen profession. Writing articles is something you should feel good doing. You're providing valuable information for other people to learn from or giving them something that brightens their day, makes their life easier, or helps them improve. Writing articles isn't a sub-standard job that is dispensable, so be proud that you're doing something important and do the best you can.

There are plenty of other tricks and tips to getting your articles published, but following these five will see you well on your way on the road to success. Your name will end up being published over and over again!
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