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The 5 Fundamentals Of An Opt In Email List

Aug 17, 2007
An opt in email list is a promotional email list you can use to promote your business, your business products or to simply interact with your customers. Basically, your customers will opt in or subscribe to your list to attain information of value that your website provides. Selling products to email lists have made Internet marketers, including me, generate tons of revenue. Let's get started on how to make the best out of your email list.

1.Build a quality list

Your list must be able to specify what kind of customers they are, and what they are looking for. For example, if I have a dating website for men, and I specifically teach them how to attract and date more women, would it be suitable for a married man who wants to improve his relationship to subscibe to my list? No. You have to ensure that customers subscribe to the correct list to suit their needs.

2.Let them know of the benefits of being your subscriber

People in general, love free stuff. It is a natural reaction to be determined to receive something of good quality for free. In order to receive these freebies, people are willing to opt in to the list. Thus, to start bulding your list, you can give your customers something of value. Taking the example of the dating website above, you may provide 5 weekly emails of tips on how to attract the perfect girl, and price it at $27, which you'll be giving away for free. You can also give away other freebies, such as an e-book, a physical book, a freeware and so on.

3.Provide Quality Content

In your emails, write like an expert of good judgement. Once they have received the freebie and they realize that it is of good quality content and that they are lucky to lay their hands on a good and free product, they already have an urge to trust you and your judgement and will look forward to your future emails.

4.Promote Your Product

After you have created the trust in your customer, write up an email marketing abstract on a product that you'd want to promote. That product must be relevant to what the customer is looking for. Start email marketing to your subscribers only when you feel they have trusted you enough to listen to you and giving your product a shot.

5.Customer Service

Give thanks to your customer when they have made a purchase. Create a customer service email to cater to their needs.

When you have all these five fundamentals, not only are you going to have a strong opt in email list, but you'll have repeat buyers if you have other products as well. This means a strong income from your list. You may continue to work on copywriting skills or any other opt in email strategy for that matter if you'd like to have an increase in sales from your list.
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Jo Han Mok is a #1 bestselling author and a masterful planner in developing successful internet marketing opt-in email list systems. Find out how he can make you discover the internet millionaire within! Visit his website at http://www.internetmillionairecode.com
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