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3 Critical Questions To Satisfy If You Want To Get Network Marketing Leads

Aug 17, 2007
Growing a Network Marketing Business on auto pilot is a dream come true for those who know how to go about it.

Here are 3 critical marketing questions to ponder upon if you're looking to bring network marketing leads easily into your team:

Question #1: Do you have a downline building website?

It's NOT enough to have a website that the company gives you because every distributor will have the same website. You'll need to stand out from the other distributors and provide extra tactics and tips that only your downline team will benefit from. In other words, people are joining you to learn from you how to make your network marketing team a success.

Question #2: Does your Network Marketing company have online credit card payment facilities?

In some network marketing companies, you are required to go down to the office and make a purchase. This is a little inconvenient for the customer and not everyone likes the idea of traveling to a place where they could be potentially "coerced" into buying something. People prefer to read email then answer sales phone calls. Think Dell. If you could simply make a purchase online with your credit card and have the product shipped direct to your doorstep, wouldn't that be great? In other words, all a rep needs to do is contact the customer by permission based email of a promotion the company is having and the customer simply needs to visit the website to make a purchase, at their convenience.

Make it easy for your team to make a sale and the customer to purchase the product.

Question #3: Are you using an auto responder to follow up with customers and business builders?

If you still have not used an auto responder in your network marketing business, then there is something wrong and you seriously need to rethink your strategy. Just the other day, after my golf lesson, the coach asked if I wanted to receive emails about golf events and promotions by the centre. If someone in the offline world with no knowledge of the internet knew the importance of keeping in touch with customers by email, how about an aspiring internet entrepreneur who is contemplating of making good money online?

I saved this for last because it is really that crucial. Simply put, an auto responder is the life blood of making a living online. Having said that, don't jump into an auto responder service immediately because this is going to be a crucial a long term investment. Some auto responder companies have been known to shut down your account when a complain is filed against you, without 1st hearing your side of the case. This means that you could potentially lose your entire customer base over night.

So it's important to choose an auto responder service that takes care of its customers and has fair customer policy.

Some network marketing companies are only now waking to the limitless possibility of using the borderless internet to grow the companies business. Once you've the above questions satisfied, you're in a position to have a duplicable system and can leverage on the efforts of others. In this way, you will be able to create an automated cash stream and generate yourself the income and lifestyle you desire.
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