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How Do You Apply Keyword Optimization?

Aug 17, 2007
You have to optimize your site with keywords relevant to your business You have to apply keyword optimization to your website in order for your customers to come and find you. Most internet marketers do not rely on this strategy very much because they find that it does not do much for their business. What they do not reallise is how wrong they have been applying it over the years. There are various ways to apply keyword optimization and they are described in this article.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. You have to apply the SEO technique in order for search engines to come and find you. You have to edit some of the Hypertext MarkUp Language or HTML tags of your website so that search engine 'robots' such as Google's Googlebot can find you. Implementing the SEO technique can be very tasking, but it is beneficial. You can hire a very experienced web programmer to do this, or you can take your chances on some SEO templates available on the Internet.

In addition, you can exchange links with websites that have similar websites optimized with the keywords that you are using. If, for example they do not have the product that a customer is looking for, they can follow your link and head on down to your website and look for the product.

2.Keyword Focus on every page

You have to focus the main keyword or keyword phrase of your website on every page. If you have 'coffee machines' as your keyword phrase, make sure you focus on it and not on other items such as 'coffee grinders'. And not only that, the content of that webpage must have that keyword phrase as well in order for it to perform exponentially.


Articles bring you traffic to your website. But first, you have to make sure that the article is being read before it can do its job. The article marketing strategy is loved by almost all internet marketers. It has been proven that websites that use the article marketing strategy get more traffic than the sites that do not use this strategy.

Let's say you'd like to write an article on cooking, and you've did some research and you found out that the keyword optimization phrase 'basics of cooking' are the keywords that beginners in cooking type into the search engine box in order to learn more about cooking. So, create an article with a headline that has the keyword phrase in it, and in the body copy, you can use that keyword phrase about three to four times more.

4.Pay-per-click advertising

The purpose of pay-per-click advertising is to bring targeted traffic to your website. Using the same keyword phrase as above, you can also use the strategy of using the keyword phrase in your headline as well as the body copy like this:

The Secret To Basics of Cooking Learn The Basics of Cooking As Fast As Three Weeks! --www.yoursite.com--

Do remember that generating traffic through keyword optimization to your website does not happen overnight, except for the pay-per-click advertisement. Be patient in the beginning stage of the growth of your newly-launched website and wait for about one or two months for the search engines to get used to the presence of your website.
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