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Generate Network Marketing Leads on Auto Pilot With Co Registration

Aug 17, 2007
Purchasing Network Marketing Leads can shortcut your way to success online, provided you know how. If you haven't heard of purchasing network marketing leads from co registration resources, here are some tips to get your acquainted.

MLM Leads tactic #1: Network Marketing Leads from a Co Registration Opt In source.

Co registration opt ins consist of a group of boxes where prospects tick any number of boxes to indicate information they wish to learn about.

It is preferable for the newbie marketer to utilize co registration services where prospects opt in rather then buy network marketing leads through a broker. When a prospect opts in to learn more about your business, based on the headline you wrote, this is permission based marketing and they're aware that they're requesting information from you.

This is a good thing because it prevents spam complains. It's important that you establish who you are right away, in your 1st email. Also include any information specific to that prospect such as time stamp and date stamp so that they remember they did opt in to learn more of your business. People who remember you will not complain against you to your auto responder company, because this can become quite troublesome if you have an auto responder service that does not have fair customer policy.

MLM Leads tactic #1: Purchasing 20,000 Network Marketing leads from a Broker.

Purchasing leads through a broker functions this way. The broker will purchase exclusive leads from network marketing lead generation companies and resell them to a group of 5 people. These 5 people will have access to this list of 40,000 to 100,000 emails, people who requested for business opportunities.

Rather then sharing the leads with 4 strangers, here's a strategy you can use. Team up with 4 business builders in your downline to form a coop, then purchase the entire 20,000 strong name list. When prospects receive your emails and click through to find out the offering, they will then be directed to a page swirler where your entire team gets equal chance to display their webpage. Each person will need to pay $299 for a 20,000 strong email list. It's a significant investment but with this method, it can potentially explode your downline because no other business is competing for the prospects attention. What's needed for this formula to work is 1 person who is experienced in internet marketing to setup an auto responder system and the rest need only pay to participate in the coop.

By leveraging on each others skills and finances, everyone stands to benefit.

It takes some work to get this going, but imagine having your online network marketing business explode by 50 to 100 people in month, without picking up the phone or talking to anyone.

In summary, go with co reg opt ins if you're new to the co reg game, or team up with an experienced marketer to purchase leads from a broker.
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