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9 Secrets to Getting Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Whats a business without traffic? An unprofitable one, thats what. You can not have a successful work at home career without traffic. There seems to be so much information about how to get traffic and the best strategies to implement. But all these conventional options dont work for every site. Not all websites can rely on search engine optimization. Below are a few rarely mentioned but highly effective ways to get traffic.

1. Go to a career fair. When school is out, college students are looking for something to do. They dont want to commit their summer to day job. Going to a college career fair is a great place to get free targeted traffic. People love to learn about alternative options. Internet marketing isnt a course that any student gets to learn about so they suddenly become intrigued with what you have to offer. Step up a booth during a career fair and let people know what you do.

2. If your niche isnt a business opportunity you can still offer to teach at a local community college or hold a seminar. Providing free information to people on a face to face basis not only brands you as a leader in your niche but earns peoples trust.

3. If you have a logo or a catchy phrase, make shirts. Get your friends and family to wear them. When people see your logo and website URL they become curious specially if there are a lot of people wearing them. You can even monetize by selling the tshirts on your website.

4. Post your ads offline in supermarkets and libraries. People do pay attention to ads especially in places that they visit frequently. If your local grocer provides a bulletin board make use of it.

5. Purchase a misspelled version of your domain name and have it re-link to your website. Its amazing how many people search for information and items using misspelled keywords use this fact to your advantage.

6. Stay in the know, if your niche is suddenly the next big thing put your marketing into high gear. Use the band wagon technique to get people to your site.

7. Purchase domain names that get traffic and have them redirect to your website.

8. Make specific business cards and give them away to targeted people. For instance instead handing out a business card to both a retiree and a stay at home, make a business cards specific to the needs of someone within that group. You could appeal to stay at home moms by saying that she can earn money working at home and still spend time with her kids, while most retires are just looking for something to do. The key is to find the emotional triggers and utilize them.

9. Get published in print. Submitting articles to online directories is fine and the same goes with e-books but theres nothing that can give you more credibility then being published in print offline. It doesnt have to be a major newspaper either you can submit your articles to small local newsletters.

No online business can survive without a flow of traffic but its time to approach an outside the box, or rather out side the search engines attitude when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website.
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