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How to Dominate Your Niche Market

Aug 17, 2007
People are always looking for information that will help them live better, either by helping them make the best decisions or by giving them a new outlook. It doesnt matter what your niche is or how much competition your up against, you can dominate your niche market by providing quality information for hungry information addicts.

Niche marketing isnt so much about selling a product as it is about selling yourself. Once you step into any work at home venture you suddenly became a brand. You want your name to be associated with a product. This is because everyone wants to work with the best. You want to be treated by the best doctors, get advice from the best financial advisors and learn from the
best professors. And everyone wants to buy from the best sales person. The beauty of niche marketing is that you dont really need to be the best to make money online.

The trick to dominating your niche market is to position yourself as a valuable resource for your
customers. The best way to do this is to give without want. This is a phrase that you should quickly become familiar with if you want to dominate your niche market. What this means is you need to give information to your customers freely.

A sure fire way to establish value on the internet quickly is to write several articles and reports on your niche market. Lets say that your niche is flattening your tummy, you could write articles with content like: 1) 3 easy ways to tame your tummy 2) How to fight and win the battle of the bulge 3) Say bye, bye to belly bulge 4) Foods that fight flab. Despite your niche market, quality content is essential for niche domination. Be sure to optimize your articles with keywords related to your niche market. Once they are written submit them to all the web article directories. You may also want to try to get published in offline newsletters as well.

When ever someone searches your niche, your article and your name will come up. Now when people are looking for ways to get great abs, or financial information or whatever your information will come up. Now suppose you offer a book with a hundred ways to tame your tummy without going to the gym. Because your name has become associated with information relating to that niche people are more than ready to take you seriously. You want to become the go to guy in your niche market. Well first you have to establish yourself as a person of value and the best way to do this is to provide people with valuable information.

You can go beyond publishing articles and create an ezine stuffed with information that people are starving for.

Give insider information on the front end. This establishes you as an expert in that niche; you can then sell products and services on the backend.

It's all about branding, the more times your name comes up as the author of content relating to your niche market the more interest people take in you. You dont have to be the best you just have to be the best provider of quality information.
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