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How To Make Money A Free Download And Promotional Giveaway

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to make an incredible income from offering a free download or promotional giveaway then here is a very simple formula you can follow. It will take a little bit work on your part, but the benefits to you will be great.

Make Your squeeze page a sales page

First, you must remember that marketing your free download or promotional giveaway should be no different that marketing your paid products. That means that you will need treat the squeeze pages you create the same as you treat any other sales page. When creating a sales page you attempt to give loads of reasons why the reader should buy your product. You show pictures of the product you are offering. You display testimonials for the product. You do everything in your power to convince your website visitor that he or she cannot do without the product you are offering.

Though not selling anything, your squeeze page containing your free download or promotional giveaway, should do the very same things as your sales page does for your paid products. Like your sales page, show pictures and give testimonials. You have to make people want your free downloads. You may want to take a look at what others marketers are doing on there squeeze pages and copy the successful techniques.

Create a One Time Offer Page

What is a one time offer page you ask? Well, A One Time Offer or OTO page as it is sometimes called, is nothing more than a sales page offering products you are selling that follows right after a subscriber completes the free download or and promotional giveaway squeeze page. Here is what you do. You simply create a special sale pages with what you consider to be an incredible offer. Have the sales page pop up right after the squeeze page is completed. At the top of the sales page inform the subscriber that this is a one time offer and that it will be the one and only time this offer will be presented. Tell them, that once OTO page is passed, there will not be another opportunity to purchase your product offering at such an incredibly low price. This technique has been used by many product resellers who are making good money online following these steps.

Send Traffic To Your Website

A great looking squeeze page offering a free download or promotional giveaway is no different than a great looking sales page offering incredible products if you don't get people to visit it. Here are a few things you can do to get visitors to your squeeze page. You can buy traffic, you can get free links to many directories or you can exchange links with other marketers. Getting links to you page is a great way to build page rank that will move you up in the search engines. One of the best way to get free links (which are the best kind) is by writing articles.

After developing your free download / promotional giveaway squeeze page, write somewhere between 15 to 30 new articles to submit to the major article directories. Use your first article to get started for registration purposes. It will take a day or so for you to establish an account with then. Once you have established an account with then simply submit your articles. This will give your squeeze page loads of traffic. There are many other benefits from doing this but that's for another article.


In this article I have given you a winning formula for making good money using a free download / promotional giveaway. By sending traffic to your squeeze page and following up with a one time offer you should be able to make a good profit. This practice will not only send traffic to you squeeze page but it will also create page rank for your website and help you sell products.
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