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How to Make Your Web Site Stand Out

Aug 17, 2007
To be successful with your web site, you must stand out from your competition.

The competition is tremendous on the Internet. How many web sites are you competing with? How do you make your site stand out from those other web sites? And more importantly, how can you get your prospects to buy from you instead of one of your competitors?

Simple, you do that by emphasizing how you're different and better. Marketers call it "USP" or "Unique Selling Proposition."

Instead of copying everyone else, separate yourself from your competition and develop a web site that distinguishes you from all the others. Focus on what makes you unique; attract your audience with a benefit that is different from everyone else's; and provide a distinct advantage or offer.

But first, determine what makes your business unique. Here are some questions to help you establish what sets you apart:

* Why should prospects buy from you instead of your competitors?
* What are the most important benefits or results your customers will get from your services?
* What do you do better than anyone else? Do you possess hard-to-find or specialized expertise?
* Do you offer a free consultation, initial visit, analysis, or better advice?
* What makes your services better, more unique, or more desirable than your competitors?
* Do you have the lowest prices or the highest quality products in your industry?
* Do you provide the fastest service, the strongest guarantee, longest hours, or better follow up?
* Do you keep customers informed with newsletters?
* Do you target a different audience?

After determining what's unique about your products and services, you can emphasize this uniqueness on your web site and set yourself apart from your competition. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

* Provide your USP, benefits, and site description at the top of the page.
* Use words and images to make your site unique.
* Target your audience in your headline and first paragraph.
* Use benefits that appeal to your audience. Talk their language.
* Create a unique design. Design a custom web header and product images, such as an ebook cover or CD cover.

Give your prospects a reason to buy from you instead of a competitor's web site. Study your competition and then be different, look different, and give them benefits the others don't.
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