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Using Electronic Access Control Systems To Protect Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
You work hard to keep your business out of the red and all it takes is a break in to send your business into a spiral. Using electronic access control systems to protect your business is smart business sense for a variety of reasons.

Electronic Security Access Control Systems uses electronic equipment in which authorized individuals have access to areas that are restricted. Access control is very powerful. It can completely block a person from being physically present in a restricted area. It also lets an owner to increase the productivity of the employees by preventing unrestricted traffic to buildings located in different areas.

Using electronic access control also lets an owner know who is coming and going within the business and at any time you can recall this information at a later date since the system is able to store all the information in a large database.

So whether you are concerned with restricting access to one particular door, or all of the doors your electronic access control system will keep things secure.

Systems can be stand alone or multi door systems and multi building networks are an option. You can integrate alarms for fire and break in, photo identifications, CCTV, and even biometric readers.

Using electronic access control systems to protect your business makes smart sense. And the great news is that these systems can be very affordable. You can add as many readers as you need and you can also add more at a later date with little effort.

Your readers can be reprogrammed at any time and it will take very little time to do it. Whenever there is a staff change it is a smart idea to reprogram your system with a new code. Although not to think poorly of past employees it just makes good business sense to ensure that your business is safe and sound.

In fact keeping your business safe and sound is what it really is all about and these days you just can't be too many precautions to make sure that your business stays safe.

When you are choosing your system you need to consider what other applications you are going to want to connect to it. Monitored alarms as well as time and attendance are the two most common add ons.

You also have to decide if you want a controlled exit or free exit system. With a free exit there are no requirement when leaving a secure area. With a controlled system the same type of security is used for both entry and departure. Employees are required to enter their security code or waver their card when they are entering and when they are leaving. The controlled exit definitely increases security.

Lastly you will need to decide how many doors you need to secure. Not every door in your business necessarily needs electronic access control.

In a smaller system you will actually be able to run it from your PC. Larger systems may need a dedicated computer. Using electronic access control systems to protect your business and keep things safe and secure while providing you with peace of mind.
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