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Use Your Head to Accumulate Wealth!

Aug 17, 2007
Most of us hope to earn more so we can accumulate wealth and provide better for our family and kids. Some of us hope to save more from our monthly paycheck. A number of us hope that one day we can afford that dream house. Yet, only a few of us actually bothered to go the extra mile to realise these hopes and dreams.

Money do not grow on trees. We all know that, yet somehow, we are always sitting there waiting for something to happen, for a windfall to come. We silently wish that the lottery ticket tucked in our wallet will help realise our dreams. It never does, yet we never fail to try again. Why bet your future and your dreams on luck. Didn't schools always teach that your future is in your own hands? From now on, you are going to determine your own future and you will work hard for it. Crush that lottery ticket! Accumulate wealth, don't waste it on lottery tickets.

So, how do we accumulate wealth?

First, work out your monthly expenses. Cut the unnecessary expenditures like fine dining, holidays, car accessories? You know what I mean. If you can?t find anything that you can cut down on, then, your only option is to increase your income.

Increase your income Start by writing down the skills you possess, like playing the piano (or any other instruments), singing, painting, writing, driving, repairing computers, cooking and so on. Then, determine which of it you excel in and can earn you some extra cash. For instance, you could provide the kids in your neighbourhood with piano lessons for some cash in return, or bake some cookies and cakes and talk to the local bakery if they could sell them for you (they get a cut, you get some too). The extra cash would do just fine for you and this is just one way to help you accumulate wealth.

If you wish to earn some cash while staying indoors, be tech savvy. There are lots of avenues for you to make some earnings online. There are simple ones like filling up survey forms where you get paid for each survey completed, and writing articles for websites where they provide you with a topic and you start writing. You get about 5 bucks for each article that is approved.

Other complex ones include setting up an e-commerce site where you can market your merchandise. If you do not have any, you can always market somebody else?s products (eg. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles etc) and earn some commission from it. Or auction away the items that have been stored away in your attic for far too long. If they are in your attic, you probably don?t use them anyway. Why not get some cash back? Sort out the items that you think you can sell off. Post them on the online auction sites (eg. Yahoo! Auctions) and start accumulating cash.

Nobody said accumulating wealth was an easy job. You need to constantly look for new ways to generate wealth. So, if you are still keen on accumulating wealth for your family and kids, for your retirement or for your dream house, start working on it!
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