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What Type of Server is Best for Your Business?

Aug 17, 2007
If you are conducting a serious business, a web site is a necessity nowadays and this implies the use of business portal hosting. The web site can be your online store, but it also has to be stored somewhere. And that can't be on your personal computer.

Would you like people poking in into your computer every day? That's why you will need to get in touch with a hosting company, and then you will be able to choose from the business portal hosting options they have for you.

Finding a hosting company is usually the next logical step after registering a domain name for your web site. You can also find a company that provides both of these services, which could make things easier for you.

Now, as far as the hosting options go, you will have plenty. The choice really depends also on the nature of the site you want to have, and the size of your business. The most important refers to deciding whether to store your site on a shared server or on a dedicated server.

The dedicated server has all the advantages when compared with the shared server, except for one though, which could make all the difference: the price. Dedicated servers don't come cheap, and the costs soar to a few hundred dollars each month.

But dedicated hosting has some undeniable advantages. First of all, you don't need to share the server's bandwidth with anybody else. In other words, your web site will not be slowed down by other high traffic web sites which might be stored on a shared server.

Secondly, you can customize a dedicated server according to your own preferences. You can install your favorite operating system, your favorite software, in short, you can personalize it any way you want. You would not be able to do all these things on a shared server.

When deciding for a web hosting company, don't make the mistake of rushing in and make sure that you take your time and search for one which offers you with the bandwidth, disk space and applications needed for your web site. Make sure that you check the background of the company and you read some reviews. After all, you don't want to work with novices.

It might be a good idea to tell the hosting assistant a little bit about your intentions with your web site. What is the purpose of the site and how are you envisioning the web site? Where is it going? How big are you planning to make it? You can also ask the company's assistant some questions about their equipment.

It is important to realize that a hosting provider, who may be ideal for one business, may not be suitable for yours. Most people make their final decision based on cost. However, I advice you better: take your time and carefully consider what is available. After all, you want stable and reliable business portal hosting included in your online marketing plans.
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