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The Best Free Online Resources For Webmasters

Aug 17, 2007
There are literally thousands, if not millions, of free online resources for webmasters available on the internet. I would like to share some of the most useful of these with you today. All of these resources are available at no cost, although some may require registration.

The first, and possibly most useful resource, is Site Meter available through sitemeter.com. Site Meter is essentially an extremely advanced website counter and statistics tracker which allows you as a webmaster to not only see how many visitors you are receiving, but in depth details about each visitor. For example, you can see:

* Where the visitor came from and what page the your link was on that they clicked
* The visitor's country and region
* The visitor's browser version and operating system
* The page on your website they entered at, as well as the page they exited on when they left
* How long they stayed on your website and which web pages they viewed
* IP address as well as their ISP
* And much more!

Simply add the Sitemeter code to your page and you are ready to go!

The second resource is My Contact Form, available through MyContactForm.com. If adding forms to your site confuses you, or even if you just want a much more advanced form system, this is a great service to use. Every webmaster should at least try this one! My Contact Form allows you to easily create online forms, polls, surveys, contact forms, feedback forms, questionnaires, and more using their online form creation wizard that does the work for you. Just answer the questions it prompts you for and then paste the html it gives you onto your site. Completely customizable and fun to use!

Next we have an almost must-have resource for any webmaster, which is a terrific newsletter and ezine program, Constant Contact, from ConstantContact.com. Free for up to 50 subscribers, this easy to use program allows you to easily create and manage mailing lists, with customizable pre-made templates, tons of features, and great support.

Many webmasters have wondered how to get a Favicon, those little icons next to a website address in their address bar or bookmarks list. Favicons help you to brand your website and encourage visitors to remember your site in the future. You can find a wonderful favicon maker at html-kit.com/favicon. Simply create the favicon from the creator there and upload it to your website directory.

Another wonderful resource for webmasters, which allows you to give visitors a reason to keep coming back to your website is a plug board. Plug boards are a small script that you place on your website which allows visitors to add their button or banner to a page on your site. There are a certain amount of spaces to place these buttons and when the spaces are all full, the next person to post a "plug" bumps the oldest plug off the board. This allows your website visitors to advertise easily on your website, as well as creating a reason for them to visit again to re-plug their site when it has been bumped off the plug board. You can get a free plug-board at plug-board.com.

One thing which is extremely important to any website, are meta tags. Meta tags are "read" by search engines, and can help your search engine listings and positions if done correctly. You can find one of the most advanced meta tag generators at submitcorner.com/Tools/Meta.

Many webmasters are fond of domain names, but sometimes you can't seem to find the right domain name for you because more and more domain names are being taken by others. Use Name Boy at nameboy.com to find the absolutely perfect domain name for your website using a combination of one or two words. Just enter two keywords into the search form and Name Boy will find all domains with those words in them, as well as showing which are available.

Finally, find hundreds of free places to get traffic for your website at hostingwahms.com/Free-Website-Traffic-For-Your-Site%21.php. With many different programs, exchanges, and other tools to submit your websites to, you will get an exponential increase in traffic using the resources available on that page.

I hope that these tools are useful to you as a webmaster and that they increase the overall performance and usability of your website. Remember that there are literally thousands of resources available for you as a webmaster on the internet, and use these as much as possible to you - and your website's - advantage!
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Stephanie Davies is a 28 year old work at home mom to a 9 year old boy in Mid-Missouri. Her hosting company, Hosting WAHMs at http://www.hostingwahms.com offers premium webhosting from $2 per month and up, with an easy to use sitebuilder! She also offers writing services at writtenmagic.com.
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