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How To Put The Fun Back In Online Surveys!

Aug 17, 2007
Taking fun online surveys are a great way to add extra income to your monthly bottomline. Don't be confused by the term fun; many people would assume it means giving their time for no reward other than the enjoyment of participating.

Taking surveys should not be a chore. You should expect to have fun completing them with the trade-off being getting paid for your time. It's a fact companies large or small need to find effective ways of finding out what consumers are after. Through surveys, they can better understand what a consumer expects from a product rather than blindly "putting it out there" and hoping people will buy.

By knowing what a consumer wants, product campaigns can be tailored around the results of a survey, eliminating wasteful production time and money. The good news for you is, they are prepared to pay for this information thus creating a win-win situation for both parties.

How Many Surveys Can You Expect To Take?

This depends on the number of survey sites you sign with. There will be times when you have several assignments to complete and times when you could go several weeks without completing a survey. Naturally, opportunities will be limited when you first start however, by joining several sites every week, the number of jobs that come your way will steadily increase.

Today, the "trial survey" test is becoming more and more common when you first join a program. These are not paid jobs; they're more of a screening process to establish an initial relationship between you and the company. You decide whether you want to take them or not.

Getting Started With Fun Online Surveys

The most common question from prospective survey takers is "how do I start?" Paid survey programs have received a "bad rap" in recent years and for very good reason. Scam sites proved to be a bit of a cancer on the industry with people either losing their money or having their personal information mis-used. These are two important points for you to remember when signing up:

- be wary of paying a joining fee and...
- don't give out personal information other than the basics!

Start With Established Companies

A good rule of thumb is to start with reputable companies which have been around for a long time. Companies such as Greenfield Online are a great starting point and when you get started and are comfortable with your chosen company, in many cases, you may be referred to partner sites or receive recommendations of other companies worth pursuing.

How Much Can You Make?

This is a difficult question to answer however, $3-$15 per survey is generally in the ball park of what you could expect to earn. Several factors will influence what you make including experience, area of interest, size of assignment and even gender. If you are completing several surveys a week, then you'll probably experience both the lower and higher paid jobs. There are also instances of surveys paying over $100!

Taking fun online surveys and getting paid for them is everyone's idea of a dream part time job. Walk before you can run and it can become a rewarding experience.
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