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Can You Earn Money Just by Typing at Home?

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever seen ads about making a living "typing at home" and working for just a few hours a day? Does this sound too good to be true?

However implausible it may seem, there are actually hundreds of people already building impressive nest eggs with type-at-home jobs. Ex-managers. Ex-plain housewives. Ex-retirees. Ex-unemployed professionals. This means that people from all walks of life can absolutely learn how to do this, provided they're serious about earning a decent salary without working like a dog. In short, it can be done with focus and determination.

You might ask, "If it's so simple, then why can't they program computers to do the job?" The answer is that it's not exactly a no-brainer job, although it can get pretty monotonous (as any repetitive work could be). An example of a type-at-home job is composing short ads for various companies. These companies will give you keywords which you have to base the ads on so that they could be "Googled" and prospective customers would click on their sites.

Since there's a bit of "copywriting" involved, computers can't easily be programmed to make these ads for the simple reason that they cannot think like we can. Now before you back up and say that you've never written a line of copy your entire life, let me explain that these texts don't have to be ad-agency material. They only need to be coherent and, of course, contain the required keywords.

For instance, you are asked to work with the following keywords: 1. Real Estate 2. Florida vacation 3. Retirement home 4. Florida coast. By using the format: Title + Line 1 + Line 2, you could write...

Florida Retirement Homes

Want to be on an extended Florida vacation?
The most affordable real estate along the Florida coast

It's that easy. The best thing about it is that these companies accept all your ads they rarely reject submissions, if at all, which means that you're always paid. With type-at-home jobs, you get an easy $25 to $50 just by typing a few ads such as the one above.

Membership sites for typing-at-home work provide databases of hundreds of companies needing your services. The more ads you can make, the more you'll expect to earn. When you're starting out, your income would only be coming in trickles as you begin to learn the ropes, but once you get the hang of it and start earning the money you've targeted, then there's no looking back!
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