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Pay For Performance - How To

Aug 17, 2007
Yahoo also know as Overture was the creator of Pay for Performance. Overture / Yahoo could see that the Internet was becoming the leader in convenient shopping. They also new that there was going to be a huge need for advertising because of the new booming website industry.

In order for a website to found the webmaster must some how make the website visible. If only someone could provide ads that would direct eager consumers to their website so they could sell more product. Well someone did, Yahoo / Overture. They offered a service where a webmaster could purchase ads on a Yahoo / Overture website that when clicked on would redirect the consumer to a desired website.

What this does is offer any company with a website a chance to increase their traffic by placing targeted ads. This would also help create brand awareness and name branding for a product. Even if only a small percent of the consumers that vist your website actually make a purchase you can still come out ahead.

Creating a steady flow of website visitors should by every company website owner's goal. There were several other methods that could be utilized to gain website traffic but Yahoo / Overture's pay for performance campaign was a fresh idea.

Now there is Google Adwords and Adsense a similar system that uses the same principles as Yahoo / Overture. Both companies allow the user to bid and purchase certain keyword phrases that target their website. When an Internet searcher reviews any given website that displays an adwords campaign the ads will automatically return ads based on that pages keywords.

An example of this would be, you purchased the keyword phrase Web Directory. Your goal is to drive consumers to your web directory based on that particular keyword phrase. Now say a Internet searcher is browsing a website on how to create backlinks to their website. On that website their could be an ad that you created using the keyword phrase web directory that would redirect the searcher to your website when clicked.

While some webmaster struggle to have their website rank high on the search engines through backlinks, you can take the advantage by using pay for performance. Yes it will cost you some out of pocket cash but it might just turn out to be a very lucrative move on your part.

Yahoo / Overture will charge you several different ways. The number of times your ad appears and the number of times your ad is clicked. You need to watch your click ratio to make sure you have a positive cash flow. There is no point in runs ads and spending the money if you are not making more than you spend.

While it takes money to make money you can always go with the cheaper and more reliable route by good old natural backlink building. Try asking other websites for link exchanges or submit your website to quality paid web directories.
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