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Network Marketing: One is Never One!

Aug 17, 2007
I'll never forget when my upline sponsor in my old network marketing company told me the words: "one is never one."

Then he handed me this sheet with bunnies on it, starting with one bunny, then it went to two, and ended the page at about two thousand! Quite a visual!

Well, he proceeded to tell me his story about how one man had changed his entire life. He started marketing this long distance company and he came across this guy who just went crazy and got 10,000 people by himself.

That one man made his income over $5,000 for life. On one guy! So you see, you never know who you might come across in network marketing!

If you show your MLM opportunity to at least 1900 people, personally, probably 900 will look at it, and out of those you'll likely get about 11 leaders!

With 11 leaders you may just be set for life. People are making network marketing way to hard. You see, most people just get into network marketing, try to get a few people, then quit.

The key is to show your opportunity to at least 1900 people! Then see what happens. Also, go after people who love to market online and offline. Try to get ahold of leads that have people who have been successful in network marketing before.

I was so blown away by the whole "one is never one concept." Think about how powerful it is! All you have to do is get two people to go out in their first 72 hours, and then teach others to do the same! If you do that successfully, you will have a large group in a very short period of time.

My upline sponsor also told me that he didn't sponsor this person on his first level. He said he was on his second level. Had this person been on his first level, he would've made way over $10,000 per month. The lesson there: Personally sponsor as many leaders as you possibly can.

Also, don't forget the main ingredient in all your network marketing: prayer. That's right, praying to the Lord Jesus for wisdom and blessings upon your business. That's the main ingredient. Season that with some action on your part, and you're headed to great success!

Remember, "one is never one." Your friend at your local restaurant may just be the next internet millionaire! Go after at least 1900 people and see what happens to your MLM business! You may just find out that "one can lead to hundreds of thousands."
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