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Earn Extra Income From Home With Online Auctions

Aug 17, 2007
There are a few legitimate ways you can earn extra income at home part time, but the truth is they will all require some effort on your part. Those who promote opportunities claiming to offer big paydays with a minimum amount of work are just after your money. There are no companies willing to pay you a huge amount of cash to sit at home and do any type of legitimate work part time.

However, armed with realistic expectations you may find a part time job that allows you to telecommute from home but with honest expectations, you will realize that in order to work part time from home, you will need to start your own business. This may not be a bad thing, especially if you have certain talents and can produce certain products that people are in the market for or have a penchant for craft fairs, flea market and garage sales.

There have been some folks who were able to turn their passion for garage sales and flea markets into a lucrative part time income by selling items on online auctions, such as eBay. By reviewing listings at online auctions, you can judge the types of merchandise buyers are looking for and what they are willing to pay for them. When you are at a garage sale or a flea market and spot some of these items at a good price, selling them through an online auction can be a rewarding experience.

Just remember that all online auctions have fees the seller must pay and you will have to pay to ship the items to the buyer. These costs will need to be part of the items price or you simply have an expensive hobby. Small town auctions can also provide a wealth of merchandise to sell at online auctions and the important thing about selling this way is to be complete and honest in your description of the merchandise. If that pitcher has a crack in it, say so. You will not get a bad rap for selling cracked items if you are upfront about it.

There are also many drop shippers willing to sign you on as an auction seller, providing the product for you to list on auctions. Once sold, the company will ship the merchandise to the buyer and you collect any profit on the sale. An astute seller can make a good living working this program but you must realize, you are responsible for the selling fees for every item you list, even if the item does not sell. This can get expensive if you choose to list the wrong items and have trouble selling. Some drop shippers also charge a monthly fee just to keep you on their list of designated sellers.
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