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Beware the Work at Home Scams

Aug 17, 2007
When most people think of the internet, oftentimes the first things that come to mind are pornography and scams. These dirty trends seem to bombard us everywhere we turn in our honest information seeking efforts. Unfortunately, these things must pay to whoever is spamming us with them so the end is nowhere in sight. You can side step the pornography but the scams parading as legitimate businesses are tougher. Your only defense is to be prepared.

One of the most common online scams is the whole survey taking industry. At one time it was possible to make some money as a survey participant, but that was back in the days before the internet. It's so cheap for companies to get surveys taken for free that there's no need for them to pay anything worth your time. They often have a few that pay a buck or two, if you're willing to spend an hour on their survey. Others offer entrance into sweepstakes and contests for prizes, contests that you somehow never win.

Save some money and a lot of time by skipping the survey taking scam.

Another online business scam is any company that will guarantee you'll make thousands of dollars by purchasing their membership. One of the slimiest of these promised that online businesses were guaranteed to make 100,000 dollars because their company would send millions of visitors to their website, and they would only have to cut the company in on 10% of that four months from then. The memberships were sold and no traffic was delivered.

Another few thousand people lose money to a scam artist.

A common scam unfortunately uses proper business channels. They solicit a bid for your services, agree to pay, and you receive payment in advance well over what you bid. When you contact the "client" to confirm their generosity, they explain there was a mistake and that you need to send the extra funds to another supplier of theirs, one in China or Nigeria via Western Union. This is a huge scam that is taking business owners for suckers by the storm.

This same type of thing happens on eBay. A word to the wise, NEVER agree to accept payment through MoneyGram. It is used and abused by scam artists, and is suspicious in and of itself. Never let anybody on eBay pay you through Escrow.com or Western Union. The safest way to do serious business on eBay is to have your own merchant account and only accept payment that way. Cashier's checks are usually safe, however, money orders are fraudulently spreading as another choice of scam artists.

Be safe and follow your gut. If something seems fishy, it usually is, and if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Online business is better and bigger than ever, do don't let a few scam artists scare you away from taking advantage of it's benefits for your business.
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