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How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Network Marketing Leads

Aug 17, 2007
Are you looking for network marketing leads and spending a lot of time meeting up with prospects. Not all prospects are equal. Timing is crucial and plays an important part as to whether a person is receptive to the concept of network marketing.

Therefore, our objective is to be present at the time when he is ready to be open to the concept of network marketing..

At time of writing, not many offline network marketing companies have taken their business online. When I say this, I mean that they do not have internet payment processing facilities. Some companies that have done this have had tremendous success. Other companies seeing the phenomenal growth of start up technological savvy network marketing companies have only now just started hopping on to the internet band wagon.

Coming down to a distributor level, we too can, and should use the internet to grow our business. By using technology, we can generate for ourselves an unlimited supply of network marketing leads.. and use these methods to complement any existing recruitment methods, such as inviting prospects to seminars, tapes, cds, audios etc.

MLM Lead Generation Step #1: Build a Name Squeeze page
Don't let the name scare you. It's just a simple form a visitor fills out to learn more of your business. At the top you will have a headline which lets the customer understand what you are offering. This is followed by a sub heading to generate interest. Next follows a couple of bullet points offering benefits and lastly a call to action where you advice the visitor what he needs to do, which in this case is fill out the form on the name squeeze page.

What you will need:

a) WYSIWYG webpage editor or "What You See Is What You Get". There are many such editors. The ones that I personally use are

If you're looking to build a simple name squeeze page, Evrsoft has a free version and will be more then sufficient. What you simply need to do is find any existing name squeeze page example, then copy and paste the entire format onto your WYSIWYG editor. Keep the format while changing the words to suit whatever it is you're offering.

b) An Auto Responder
What this does is to store the information of the people who provided you their names on the name squeeze page. By capturing the names of the people who visited your website and specifically request to seek more information from you, you will have a means to communicate with the people who visited your website. If possible, try to provide a report of some sort and add value to people who give you their personal contact info. This is a form of reciprocation and an exchange of value.

Estimated time I take to do this: 15 to 30 minutes.

MLM Lead Generation Step #2:
You may want to use Blogger to host your name squeeze page on. It's completely free,


All you have to do, is edit the blogger template. However, I do recommend that you use a dedicated hosting service and it's really not that expensive. Top of the line web hosting costs $19.99 a month and you'll be amazed the features you can get for this price. These include hosting, free domain name, link tracking, and auto responder. Some companies actually charge separately for all these items. I personally had a webhosting company that charged me $24 per month for just the hosting service alone, an auto responder that charged $19.99 for the service and ad tracking that cost $19.99. Imagine the amount of savings I would have made if I found the right hosting company. Therefore, when locating a hosting company, make sure you have all the above 3, its going to save you money in the long run, not to mention the convenience of having all the tools in 1 place.

MLM Lead Generation Step #3:
Get Traffic to your site. There are many methods one can use. One of my offline favorite methods that has benefited my bottom line greatly is to send offline prospects to my name squeeze page.

A very simple and cheap offline method I like to use is to use Name Cards because this method coincides with my extrovert personality and interest in people (I find people, the human mind and human interaction very fascinating). I print out a stack of name cards which contain a URL to my name squeeze page, and go to a social function with 50 or more people. People will ask my profession, to which I reply, "I provide information". People are naturally curious and will ask for my name card.

And that's all I do, just mingling and getting to know people. There are no sales pitches or follow because this is all done by the Auto Responder.

Apply these 3 methods and your network marketing leads, sales and income will surely surge on autopilot.
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