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Aug 17, 2007
If you are looking for an easy way to earn income working from home, bake cookies. Just about everyone loves cookies and they are really good, selling what you bake can lead to a generous income. Of course, there are regulatory compliance issues you will have to address and quality control to insure no one gets ill from eating your home baked cookies. However, it is an easy way to make extra money.

However, not everyone is good with an oven and although you may make one kind of cookie better than others, a variety of customers will want a variety of cookies. It may be easier to sell someone elses products than it is coming up with one of your own. There are bakeries living in cyberspace that make some darn good products and they have the licenses and quality reputation to back them up.

The idea is not just for cookies. With all of the websites and companies offering sales of just about everything under the stars, including the ability to name the stars, you can find products to sell that have already been invented. You do not have to go to the trouble of finding new methods to promote, that has been done as well. Learn from the pros and you can begin to make money working from home.

Look into affiliate marketing, a tried and true means of adding to your income. Market your site and let other companies deal with the customer issues, carry the inventory and handle all the shipping. An easy way to make money from home is to promote your website, affiliate with other companies and when your visitors make a purchase from your affiliates site, you get the sales commission.

You can connect with a few companies that offer high commissions or several smaller ones that offer lower commissions and still realize the same amount of income. However, you will want to be hooked up with companies that offer products in which your visitors will be interested. Simply slapping some ads on your site to other companies will not get the job done. You will have to continually update your ad program to keep your page looking fresh.

Return visitors who see the same ads in the same position each time may see your site as old and outdated and not come back. By changing your ads, at minimum with the seasons, you can reflect a more updated appearance every time a visitor returns. Many companies will have short term promotions and you can push those on your landing page and change them when the deal is over. Keeping up to date on all special offers can also let your visitors know that you are in charge of the site and not the advertisers
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