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What Is The 3rd Forgotten Factor For Online Success?

Aug 17, 2007
You'll know that once there is an amount as income in the form of some digits whether it is $10, $100, $1,000 or even $10,000; that's where the magic happens. Celebrate it. It's your beginning to success with making money online.

Let me tell you a story of my experience lately.

Most of the people that I meet either in the street or in the corporate world have two reactions to income. The first one is "well, I'm just not paid enough". The second is a more bizarre one and I just still wonder why some people feel that way "I'm pretty satisfied with my work and pay". I'd just like to emphasize two very extreme cases.

Well, I'm just not paid enough.

This is a lazy person's way of thinking. There's no harm to thinking you aren't paid enough. But saying it out loud and not doing anything about it just drives me crazy. I mean, why would anyone in their right mind say something like that and still continue to do the same thing everyday and spend their weekends doing the same thing a few weekends earlier?

Your effort in monetary rewards correlates directly to the effort and level of dedication to make a change in your lifestyle and working habits.

Ok, cool it. Don't get stressed. The idea here is to work smarter in a new way of thinking and planning. Making sure that every ounce of your time is used wisely.

I'm pretty satisfied with my work (and pay).

When you hear someone saying this, usually they're people who are mostly working it for the monthly income or the salary. They have no conscience about making things better. Crap. Let me say this, they're not going to go out of their comfort zone of an everyday life by even a single inch!

The discovery that seriously affected the outcome of a person is in the way of thinking. No, not think and get rich. It's think how you can change your lifestyle, your daily activities and network in order to have better business and financial opportunities.

This leaves clues to having a better income. Yes, even making money online. You need to expand your way of systematically doing things, a change in your lifestyle. Improving as you go along. The word for being too contented in my dictionary is 'slowly rotting to death without realizing it'.

Your daily activities correlate to what you routinely do at best or that you are accustomed to doing without realizing it. It's like a habit already pre-programmed in your mind. Is it, getting groceries, brushing your teeth, taking the bus, having at meal at 1pm? The key to doing better is to say to oneself "how can I reorganize my daily activities to be more efficient and to reflect a new lifestyle?" Answer this, and move on to the next step in your business.

The 3rd forgotten factor is excellence.
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