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Aug 17, 2007
Website development involves understanding the types of visitors that will be coming to the site. The framework of website development work involves the navigation or site layout. The navigation focuses on the visitor's expectations and desires. There are two types of visitors that will becoming to a website. The type that wants to get what they want and get out. The types that want to spend his or her time and explore the area.

When it comes to website development for the visitor who wants to get in and get out. The web designer can employ a number of methods to make their site visitors experience fast and efficient. Search engines can be built into the site that allows them to search only the site or the entire Internet. A search engine is an interesting and quick way for visitors to locate what they want on the site.

When it comes to the visitor who wants to stroll leisurely through the site, then the web designer needs to employ an easy layout that invites the exploration. So what defines simple and easy layout? What makes a site browsable? Is it a bunch of links slapped together? There are a variety of ways to present links in a way that not only adds function but also adds pizzazz and glitz.

To incorporate either a search engine or easy surfing links, there are a number of ways to make the site usable. Usability is an essential function of website development and design. Usability means the good content can be found. Usability means it looks attractive, but it works better.

Website development and design will keep the navigation consistent throughout the site. The links on the main page will be available at the top and the bottom of each page. Website development begins with an outline of the site; most sites have a hierarchal structure based on an outline. The structure lets visitors step down deeper into the site and then retrace their steps backwards. Interlinks between pages allow users to cross-reference between the different steps.

Whether the design is meant to be searched fast by keying in specific terms to the search engine or stepping down through the hierarchy of web pages, website development and design is about meeting those needs. Building a high rise requires a blueprint, website development and design generates a blueprint. Building a business requires careful planning and project management. Website development and design provides the planning and development for the website to be. With a measure of forethought and a healthy dose of creativity, website development and design can wow before the first line of html is written.
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