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Aug 17, 2007
Anyone can put a website up on the net. It's easy and there are many software programs that will help you choose design templates and get you started. You could open an blog and start doing business that way. But soon you'll notice that no one is visiting you. Your website that displays your products and services doesn't seem to be earning you any money. It's pretty, sure, but you're still running after sales instead of clients banging down your doors. Google doesn't even rank your site. What's happening?

If you don't have people paying attention to your site, good luck. Moving up the ranks of Google and becoming successful happen in one way: By driving traffic to your site. Face it; the virtual world is a huge place. How will people find your one site amongst all the others?

You can help drive traffic in one very easy way. Articles are a hot topic on the internet for a few reasons, but one benefit articles have is that you can submit them to directories. Your articles will display a link back to your site somewhere around the end of the text. This little strategy of offering a link for people to click and submitting that article everywhere you can is important for your website traffic.

You see, most individuals who sit down at their computer and pull up Google type in a few words about what they're looking for. "Blue Honda Civic," for example. Those are called keywords. Now, if your website offers blue Honda Civics, the article you wrote and submitted to directories was most likely about that product. Since your article is relevant to the person's searching and since your article is all over the place, Google finds it.

The individual is pleased. He or she has found a great article packed with information about those blue Honda Civics. The person has learned something. What's more, there's a link to a website at the bottom of the article - your website. Of course, the person is pleased with the information they've found. They want to know more or maybe the article has sparked interest in a new area, that red Honda Civics are better than blue.

And the individual clicks the link to your site. Voila! Traffic!

There are a couple of points to keep in mind when writing your articles (or having them written by someone else) to boost traffic to your site. Quality content matters. Poor writing, sloppy grammar, boring text, or a lack of real meat and potatoes for content isn't going to encourage anyone to click through to your site. Most likely, poor articles will drive people away.

Another important point is remembering that you're writing for people, not search engines. Loading an article with "blue Honda Civic" to catch search engine notice is poor "black hat" strategy and frowned upon. Keywords should enhance an article, not overwhelm them. The search engines will notice you, but readers will turn their noses up and turn away to someone else who cares about giving them quality articles.

Your articles should be about something that's hot talk on the internet. If everyone is crazy about the new races between blue and red Honda Civics, jump on the bandwagon. Write about what people want to know about. If your articles discuss how the gas tank cap turns right instead of left to open, likely no one will be interested in the information and you won't get any readers or individuals clicking through.

Don't write about the same old that everyone else's articles cover. Add a twist to material. Make it fresh and be different - just enough to snag reader interest. Since everyone is going to be writing about what's hot on the internet, many people are going to cover the same matter and articles are going to start looking all the same. Try to avoid your articles being a carbon copy of everyone else's.

Above all, make sure your articles are edited and as professional as can be. Never let mistakes slip through and your quality of article will reflect on the reader's perception of the quality of your website.
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