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The Do's And Dont's To List Building...

Aug 17, 2007
Having a large list of opt-in email subscribers can be one of the best assets in your business. These people are genuinely interested in your website and/or newsletter, and that means that they are all potential customers. However, some people do not utilize their lists the best that they can simply because they do not know what to do. There are things that you can do and maintain that will keep your list interested and growing, and there are also things that you can or do not do that will make your list dwindle.

Don'ts For Building Your List:

-Do not send spam messages to anyone
-Do not send newsletters sporadically
-Do not hide information about your business
-Do not just send your list information
-Do not send daily newsletters or newsletters too often

Do's For Building Your List:

-Do send regular newsletters (such as weekly, biweekly or monthly)
-Do give your business information within the newsletter
-Do let your subscribers know how to unsubscribe
-Do add useful, helpful and fun to read articles to your newsletter
-Do advertise your list elsewhere so others can sign up
-Do offer a little something for free

Building your list can be hard work, but it always pays off well if it is done right. Your subscribers need to stay interested in your newsletter indefinitely or they will simply unsubscribe, and that is hard to do on the Internet. Some people do not get on the computer every day and find that having less email in their inbox is better. You also need to know if your subscribers are actually reading your newsletter or not.

If they are not reading it, there is no point in sending them your newsletter unless they actually visit your website regularly. This is how you will get your readers more interested to click that "pay now" button to purchase some of your products, and that is the real reason why you have a list in the first place. You need to entertain your list constantly and keep them interested in what you are offering. Instead of just sending information in each newsletter allow the subscribers to get involved somehow - hold a contest, use a discussion board or forum, conduct a poll, offer a prize for something, etc. If your subscribers are more involved with your business they will be more likely to remember you and keep coming back to your website.

One last thing - always keep advertising for your list going around. You can advertise in other lists that are similar to yours, other websites and even magazines or newspapers. If you keep the word out about your newsletter all of the time (and keep track of what ads are working and what ones are not) you will get more and more subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the better of a chance you have at selling more products.
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