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Affiliate Internet Marketing: The Present Age

Aug 17, 2007
If you are into affiliate Internet marketing, always remind yourself the Darwinian theory of evolution- survival of the fittest. You need to dip into you, a pool of innovative strategies and ask for some hand-holding from your lady luck to emerge victorious from the hoards of competitors you will be competing against. But before we go into that, let me applaud you for taking the plunge into the uncertain sea of entrepreneurship.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of best as well the worst domains to get into. Best, because all it requires to succeed are loads of intellectual capital and a small amount of cash. Best, because you do not need to lock in money, spend time cold calling prospective clients or chase creditors for money. And even in the unfortunate case you do not succeed, all you loose is a bit of time and effort.

The basic steps of online affiliate marketing involves identifying a shooting star, that is, a product which has not gained market acceptance but you believe it has all it requires to be a blockbuster. Having identified that, all you need to have is a strong sales page, and loads of ideas how to drive traffic to your site and make them buy the product. The buyer pays up, and you pocket a neat commission. It is as simple as that.

However, affiliate Internet marketing is also one of the worst domains to get into. Why? This is because there is absolutely no entry barrier in this business. Entry barrier, you guessed it right, is a combination of factors that make it difficult for new players to enter the business.

For some sectors, technology is the entry barrier, for some- huge investment is the barrier. And for quite a few sectors, the strong brand recall commanded by the present players act as an effective entry barrier. However, in e-affiliate marketing domain there is absolutely no entry barrier, making it almost free for all.

Another reason why not all of us may be interested in this domain is the fact that you do not have any say in the design, manufacturing and delivery of the product. As they say, the charm of a start up lies in dirtying your hands. This particular mode of entrepreneurship does not give you the intellectual kick of creating something.

But then, does it really matter what is the color of the cat till the time it manages to catch rats? Affiliate Internet marketing is a very profitable mode of business if you can crack the invisible code of attracting visitors and making then pay up. Additionally, after the marketing strategy has been executed all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of perpetual cash flows.

It has been rightly advised not to put all eggs in a single basket. Same is applicable in affiliate marketing too. Ensure that you are pushing a range of products to the denizens of the net, and this will virtually guarantee you a hard earned success in affiliate Internet marketing.
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