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How to Post Free Online Classified Ads

Jinger Jarrett
Aug 17, 2007
Posting free classifieds isn't as lucrative as it once was. There are now more sites on the internet than there are people, and your content can easily get lost among the shuffle.

That doesn't mean that free classifieds don't work. It just means that you need to work a little harder to make your ads get results.

Your first step before you write your first ad is to find good free classified ad sites to post to. You will want to keep a notebook or a text file with your results.

You can start by doing a search on your favorite search engine. Search for terms like "free online classified ads" or "free classifieds", and you can even add your topic as part of the search.

One of the secrets to getting more from your ads is to post your ads where your potential customers are. So, for example, if you're marketing real estate, you want to search for "free real estate ads".

You should start with a list of at least 10 places. You can always add more as you find more.

Once you've found a list of places where you want to submit, compare these sites on Alexa. Alexa can give you far more detail on how the site ranks, other sites that link to it, and may even lead you to other free classified ad sites.

Read the guidelines for each site. This can help you write a more effective ad, and it can also help you make sure that your ad gets accepted.

Now that you've done your research, your next step should be to write a good ad. If you're ready to write your ad, then you should have already chosen your product.

When writing your ad, make sure you emphasize the benefits of the product. Since you're writing an ad and not a review, you'll need to determine what the main benefit of your product is.

Benefits tell your reader what your product will do. Features tell your reader something about the product.

For example, a feature of shampoo is that it gets your hair clean. A benefit of the shampoo could be that it makes your hair as shiny as a model's.

When you've finished writing your ad, create a text file with all of the information you need for posting your ad. This way you can copy and paste the information onto each site, and it will make your ad posting faster. You can also use form filler tools to help you speed up the posting process.

Begin your posting. Many free online classified ad sites will give you some statistics on your ads. Check these statistics to see how your ad is performing. You can simply compare your number of hits versus your number of sales. This will tell you if the ad is performing well or not.

The keys to writing and posting successful free online classified ads are:

-write a good ad
-post it where your potential customers are
-track your results

Once you have a successful ad, then all you have to do is keep repeating the process. You can easily use this process to build your traffic and sales, even if you hate to write.
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