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Ready For A Career Change? The Signs Are There

Aug 17, 2007
To change your career can be tough. And you can find possibilities anywhere. A great place to look might even be where you work for now; within the gift of a friend or even at a previous employer!

You never know, you might even find a whole new career is waiting for you just around the office corner, simply minutes away.

So, opening your mind, taking the time, finding and using good information to help you, will make establishing yourself in a completely new career an exciting prospect and can give you a whole new challenge, sparking off new energies, as well as new opportunities!

You see, over 60% of employees want to change job, but, sadly, they don't know how and stick at the one they've got, for too long. So, it's vital to identify and recognise the signs to move on. Boredom, lack of motivation, sickness and general tiredness are just a few of the indicators that will help you realize you need a change.

Then its time to imagine how your life would be if you had a job that more suited who you are, rather than be a square peg squeezing into a tight round hole. And would you recognise it if an opportunity to change job arose? How tempting would it be to avoid change and to just sit back, comfortable in your discomfort.

Occasionally there are much more unfortunate indicators. Having to experience poor behaviors from a boss who doesn't care, of picks on you and even bullies you, is a dreadful thing to go through. Of course the secondary symptoms are like those mentioned above, but what are the deeper, mental strains?

Or do you simply want to enjoy work more and, shock upon shock have fun! Its vital to enjoy work that is both challenging and stimulating, supported by a workplace environment which allows you to be stretched with the safe knowledge that you will not be allowed to fall. The safety net enables you to take risks, learn from them and then grow further.

Without such an experience many will grow bored or fearful, neither of which makes work an enjoyable experience. So, to enjoy your work-life by taking your job seriously, as well as being able to relax when you are not working, safe in the knowledge that you've done well and developed your skills, is vitally important.

Remember, life is not all about work. The balance that a great work life as well as an enjoyable home life brings is immeasurable. With many people finding that they spend more wakening hours at the workplace than at home, it is critical for wellbeing that the workplace gives you all you need too.

Indeed, it is possible with the wrong experience for your work to impinge on home life to a detrimental effect. Which affects others in your family and does no-one any good.

Just a little thinking around whether your work gives you the best experience is enough to start you off. The ideas in this piece are intended to trigger in you some ideas; some thinking that will prove a starting point for you to get to a new and happier life in the kind of job you've always dreamt about.

For us all, a new, revitalized career is just around the corner, waiting for us. If you think its only a dream that is beyond you, give yourself a chance - stretch your imagination that it can come true.

If you take a little time to relax, review the opportunities and let yourself go, trusting yourself that what you want and need in your work experience will come.

A new career path is quite a challenge to take, and then again, those who have made the journey most often feel its been worth it in the end.
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